Edward Snowden Brings Facebook’s 2009 Privacy Change, Zuckerberg’s 2010 TechCrunch Statements, To Light

Edward Snowden’s leak of NSA documents that include information on the PRISM program have shed new light on Facebook’s then-new late 2009 privacy policy, and statements early in 2010 where … Read More

Tech Startup Advice From Zennie Abraham, Part One

After some years in this business and two companies Sports Business Simulations and Zennie62Media (as well as involvement in another tech startup called Bartabber and another called MyPartnerInCrime.com), I realized … Read More

Huffington Post Spikes Blog Post Reporting That YouTube Allows Use Of N-Word

The Huffington Post, a publication I once held in high esteem, now don’t – trashed a column this blogger wrote pointing to YouTube’s reluctance to stop the use of the … Read More

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo CEO Part Of Michael Arrington’s Plan For World Domination

Marissa Mayer’s the new Yahoo! CEO, and frankly I’m tickled pink, and no that’s not a double-entendre. I’m am so, because for someone who lives in Oakland, and has covered … Read More

TechCrunch Traffic Up 36 Percent Due To Facebook IPO News

Don’t look now, but TechCrunch – the blog founded by Michael Arrington, who in 2010 then sold it to the Tim Armstrong and Arriana Huffington-ran AOL, and the same Huffington … Read More

Facebook Stock Drop Will Force New Attack On Google’s Turf

Facebook stock has dropped from a high of $42.05 on the first day of trading to Tuesday’s new closing low of $28.80, losing $35 billion in value in the process, … Read More

TechCrunch Disrupt: Michael Arrington Forgets AngelGate At Bin 38

Is TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington losing his memory? Earlier today, this blogger noted the drop in buzz for TechCrunch Disrupt New York, and pointed as the reason, in part, the … Read More

TechCrunch Disrupt New York: First Kinda Post – Michael Arrington Disrupt Lacks Buzz

TechCrunch Disrupt is into its third day of activities in New York City, and while this blogger’s not there for the second year (I’ll opt for San Francisco because I’ve … Read More

Web 2.0 Summit No-Go For 2012. I’m Trying To Cry…

2012 will see the Web 2.0 Summit, that small conference that Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle expertly established to become a kind an annual bellweather of where tech was going. … Read More

LutzSec Head A Black Hacker? Call Michael Arrington!

Tech observers will recall how TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington got on CNN and said that he didn’t know any black entrepreneurs and then essentially said that Silicon Valley was mostly … Read More

Andrew Breitbart RIP: Bloggers Can Learn From The Conservative Firebrand

For some reason not yet explained conservative political blogger Andrew Breitbart passed away at 43 years old. Perhaps some key as to his passing lay in the observation that he … Read More

TechCrunch: The Crunchies – Delayed Thoughts

This years TechCrunch award program called “The Crunchies” was so vastly different from all of the others, it took me a full week, plus, to figure out what I was … Read More

TechCrunch “The Crunchies” Tonight

That kind of wacky, always entertaining and informative tech show by the blog TechCrunch is this evening, and this blogger’s attending. This time it’s held at Davies Symphony Hall, which … Read More

Sarah Lacy Strikes Back Against TechCrunch With PandoDaily.com

TechCrunch Senior Editor Sarah Lacy, who I first met when she was hanging with then-Valleywag Editor Owen Thomas, is the first former TechCrunch staffer (there are a lot of them: … Read More

Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds Movie Trailer Is Out

Good Deeds is Tyler Perry’s movie about Wesley Deeds, a successful black entrepreneur (here that Michael Arrington!), who becomes more romantically interested in a a down-on-her-luck single mother than his … Read More

CNN, Michael Arrington, Black Entrepreneurs, and The Invisible Man

Last week, a bit of a row ensued when Tech Crunch Founder Michael Arrington appeared on a segment of a CNN special on black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and, under … Read More

On TechCrunch Disrupt, Michael Arrington: Some Thoughts

In an attempt to cloud Shaker’s win of the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield, there has been a lot of reporting that TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington is one of Shaker’s “pending … Read More

TechCrunch Disrupt More Than Arrington v. AOL; TripTrotting, Shaker

As TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco goes into day two, what becomes apparent to this blogger is TechCrunch blog founder Michael Arrington’s “departure” from the blog itself is, for all practical … Read More

Anti-Michael Arrington TechCrunch Posts Show Insecurity

The news is all over that TechCrunch Founder and Editor Michael Arrington may step down from running the blog not just to operate a new venture capital fund, but because … Read More

Carol Bartz Fired, Yahoo! Up For Sale

Wow, what a bit of news on Tuesday, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who was famous for telling off tech blogger-turning venture capitalist Michael Arrington at last year’s Tech Crunch Disrupt … Read More

Warren Buffett vs Michael Arrington – Soak The Super Rich? Arrington’s Wrong

TechCrunch Founder and Editor, and friend, Michael Arrington, has weighed in on Warren Buffett’s op-ed in the New York Times Monday entitled Stop Coddling the Super-Rich. It’s a work worth … Read More

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