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The Best Legs Poll: Who Has Them?

Ok, after seeing photo after photo, after video of women celebs showing their legs, and with magazines like US and OK telling us who has the best legs, it’s time to put the power of choice into your hands. Who has the best legs of these celebs: Cameron Diaz, Kate Middleton, Megan Fox, Carrie Underwood, […]

Lisbeth Salander: A 21st Century Heroine

For whatever reason – maybe I am in need of a mental break – I’ve spent the last few evenings watching The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. It’s based on a series of books I’ve not read called Millennium trilogy, and by an author I’d not heard of: Stieg Larsson. The first of the three […]

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James Harrison – Steelers LB Disses Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison has went totally off the chain in his dis of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In Men’s Journal, which follows the trend of making news by using over-the-top interviews (think the classic Rolling Stone Megan Fox Interview of 2010), Harrison not only calls Goodell “stupid” and a “crook” and a “devil,” and […]