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AEG Michael Jackson

Oakland Coliseum Bidder AEG Accused Of Michael Jackson Wrongful Death

Oakland Coliseum Bidder AEG Accused Of Michael Jackson Wrongful Death – AEG, or Anschutz Entertainment Group, is a large sports management and entertainment company that built LA Live, and owns the LA Galaxy, LA Lakers and LA Kings. AEG is also the organization behind the 40 concerts Michael Jackson was preparing to do before he […]

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Academy News: AMPAS 94 Percent White, 77 Percent Male

Just one week before The 84th Academy Awards, the shame of the The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (AMPAS) totally-not-diverse membership was tossed before its collective feet Sunday, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. The big stat: The Academy is 94 percent white, and 77 percent male. In a path-breaking work of investigative […]

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Oakland Oakland Coliseum oakland politics oakland raiders

AEG Should Not Run The Oakland Coliseum

The City of Oakland and Alameda County must reject AEG, the Anschutz Entertainment Group, from being even considered as stadium manager for the Oakland Coliseum, and for one reason: AEG does not have the best interest of the Oakland Coliseum in mind. Why would an organization openly court the Oakland Raiders to move to Los […]

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Hope Solo USA Women’s Soccer

Tell Hope Solo: USA Women’s Soccer Victory Best Sports Accomplishment of 2011

This is something for fans of Women’s Soccer and Women’s Sport to cheer: Marist Poll of Marist College reports that their poll of “the single best sports accomplishment of the year,” revealed the USA Women’s Soccer victory over Brazil as “the single best sports accomplishment of the year.” The USA Women’s Soccer win this year […]

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Conrad Murray Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray Sentenced To Four Years For Death Of Michael Jackson

In sentencing Dr. Conrad Murray to four years in the LA County Jail, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor made himself a household name, right next to Larry Seidlin, the judge in the prescription drug case involving Anna Nicole Smith. Judge Pastor gave what can only be called a searing, roasting, flaming testimonial before […]

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Conrad Murray Entertainment Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray Sentencing For Michael Jackson Death Today

According to TMZ.com, Doctor Conrad Murray will be sentenced at 8:30 AM PDT today, after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson on June 20, 2009. Its known that Conrad Murray’s lawyers are asking for the sentence to be probation, but given the circumstances – the death of Michael Jackson […]

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Occupy LA Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St. Occupy Wall Street

Occupu LA – Some Arrests But Camp Still Standing

Watch live streaming video from owslosangeles at livestream.com The video above shows, as of this writing, a kind of press conference featuring Occupy LA participants. The expected eviction action didn’t exactly happen last night, because as of this writing, much of the encampment is still there. This video below shows the ‘Occupy LA Eviction Party’ […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy LA Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St. Occupy Wall Street

Occupy LA Eviction Live Stream From Los Angeles

Will Occupy LA be evicted after 12 midnight PDT? As this is written, a set of USTREAM Live video feeds have been installed at Zennie62.com to present the Occupy LA eviction. After 56 days, or almost two months, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa figured the political winds were in his favor and elected to give […]

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FBI Says Christopher Cheney In Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Scandal

The Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Scandal is over. A Jacksonville, Fla. man by the name of Christopher Cheney was identified by the FBI as being the person who hacked into The Avengers star’s email account, and took possession of nude photos she posted there. Here’s my take on the story: But Scarlett Johansson wasn’t the […]

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Hope Solo

Dancing With The Stars: Hope Solo Gets C.J. Sapong Rap Serenade

Hope Solo got just what she needed before Monday’s start of Dancing With The Stars 2011: a rap serenade from Professional Soccer Player and Sporting Kansas City rookie forward C.J. Sapong, who also goes by @BigAfrika88 on Twitter. Solo, the famous and beautiful USA Women’s U.S. national team star goalkeeper who’s making her dancing debut […]

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Lady Gaga Turns 25

Lady Gaga celebrated turning 25-years-old at her show Monday at Los Angeles as reported by MTV. Lots of Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’ crowded into the Staples Center Monday night (about 20,000) as Gaga’s opening number “Dancing In The Dark” began. Gaga spoke words of encouragement to her fans and said thank you a lot. She said […]