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The Oakland Adams Point Stalker

Folks, be aware of this man. An Oakland (California) Adams Point resident posted a message that was completely horrifying. So, without further delay, here it is, in full:

I;m posting snips from an email a friend sent me last night. She wants to rem…

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Chevron Ecuador: Kerry Kennedy To Make $40 Million Off Scam Lawsuit

Talk about being party to an extortion. This blogger saw a Chevron Ecuador-related post on Kerry Kennedy and thought “Man, never saw her name involved in all this much until recently.” Now, I know why. According to The New York Post, the environmental ambulance-chasing, ceviche-eating-while-planning-fraud-on-video, self-described “lawyer for the plaintiffs” Steven Donziger not only gave […]

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Jean Quan Jean Quan Recall Oakland oakland city council oakland focus Oakland Mayor Recall

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Recall Effort Scarred By Voter Fraud Claim

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan undoubtedly fears the recall effort launched against her, but from what this blogger has learned, it’s currently marred by not two, but three (yes, 3) competing efforts, backbiting, and the appearance of voter fraud. How it all started was that long-time Oakland activist Gene Hazzard (who was instrumental in ‘drafting’ then-former […]

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chevron equador Ecuador Corrupt Court

Ecuador’s Corrupt Court Confirms $18 Billion Award Against Chevron

In an action that comes as no surprise to anyone, an Ecuador appeals court confirmed the decision by Ecuador to award an $18 billion damage award to Ecuador. Ecuador’s court, long accused of bribery and beset with scandal, would not dream of going against the wishes of that country’s President Rafael Correa. Consider that President […]

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Women's Professional Soccer

Women’s Professional Soccer Needs Politically Smart Leadership

The problem with Women’s Professional Soccer isn’t demand for the women’s version of the game, or any overblown disconnect between stars like Hope Solo and Abby Wambach, and the rest of the players, but with poor leadership. Women’s Professional Soccer has not been blessed with the kind of commissioners that are adept politicians and marketers […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St. Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Oakland: Dan Siegel Resigns, Mayor Quan In Trouble

It’s confirmed that famed Oakland lawyer and activist Dan Siegel resigned at 2 AM, and in protest to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s action of the eviction of the Occupy Oakland encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza. Mr. Siegel posted his actions in a harsh statement on his Facebook page, here: Dan Siegel No longer Mayor Quan’s […]

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Chevron Should Stay Course In Ecuador Case, Ignore Shell Issue

There are calls in some media areas and by some oil industry analysts for Chevron to consider a payment settlement in the Ecuador case, and because the U.S. Supreme Court elected to hear the Shell Oil Nigeria Human Rights case. This is a plea from Oppenheimer analyst Fadel Gheit, as reported in Platts. But it’s […]

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Joel Young

Oakland News: Joel Young Of AC Transit Board Cleared Of Sex Attack Charge

In this new Oakland News, Joel Young, the AC Transit Board Member and candidate for the Oakland 18th District Assembly Seat in the California Assembly, was cleared of sex attack charges. Alameda County Judge Judge Jacobson cleared AC Transit Director Joel Young of any wrongdoing in a peculiarly complicated case where, as the story now […]

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Citizen’s Trash is Federal Treasure

The Federal Government has once again stomped on the Constitution. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now allowed to search through the trash of citizens in America – without a warrant. So basically, the FBI will now become dumpster divers and trash pickers – so don’t be surprised to find a man in a […]

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Jack Kevorkian Has Died At Age 83

Jack Kevorkian is best known as being the “death doctor.” He is known for his “assisted suicides” for which he ended up in jail for. Many are against what he did, but there are some who are supportive. Kevorkian believed that people had the right to die and he was very strict when it came […]