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Oakland A’s To San Jose Rejected By MLB, Court In SJ v MLB Records (Here For View)

UPDATE: Oakland A’s Move To San Jose Rejected By Major League Baseball. The Oakland Athletics as owned by Lew Wolfe are prohibited from moving to San Jose, both by Major League Baseball and by U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte. The much written about, but little-understood-by-the-media court records specifically say, in black-and-white, that the the City […]

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Supreme Court Won’t Review NY Sales-Tax Law for Online Retailers – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalWASHINGTON—The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene in the long-running battle over whether states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes, leaving consumers in many states to enjoy tax-free Internet shopping while others must pay up when …Supreme Court won’t rule on state Internet sales taxesUSA TODAYJustices Won’t Hear Appeal of NY […]

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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Emotional After Seeing A Spider On Set Of ‘The Hunger … – Entertainmentwise

EntertainmentwiseJennifer Lawrence may play the fearless Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, but it seems like in real life, Jen is super scared of creepy crawlies, just like majority of the female population out there! J-Law has revealed that she started crying after seeing a …Box office: ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Frozen’ on track to break […]

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Tricia Helfer On Sofia Vegara’s “Killer Women” January 7th 2014 On ABC

Tricia Helfer’s known for two things: her killer legs and her role as ‘Number Six,’ the humanoid cylon on the rebooted Battlestar Galactica from 2004 to 2009. But now the star who’s played in TV shows like Community and with her roles in Tron: Uprising and in Battlestar Galactica has become something of a Comic […]

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TMZ Story Wrong: Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s Son Not Beaten

UPDATE: Adrian Peterson’s Son Was Beaten And Peterson Is Playing On Sunday Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings Running Back, was thought to be suffering and needs our prayers and support. But now it comes information that TMZ’s story about his son being beaten is wrong. According to TMZ.com, a man named Joseph Patterson, who was […]

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John Burris On George Zimmerman Verdict, Trayvon Martin, And Racism

Famed Oakland Lawyer John Burris, once called “Oakland’s Johnnie Cochran,” once again talked to me about the George Zimmerman Trial – this time about the verdict. On Saturday, a jury of five white women and a Latino woman, found George Zimmerman not guilty of murder. The outcome was shocking to this blogger; not to some […]

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The Expanding Number of Celebrities

I’m going to throw out these names; chances are you or someone reading this, identifies them as celebrities: Scott Petersen, Larry King, Ronn Owens, Dennis Richmond, Kelly Perdue, Mike Silver, Bill O’Reilly, Rae Hollit, Bill Gates, Jerry Brown, Paula Poundstone, Paris Hilton, Jennifer C, Omarosa, Katie Couric, Petra Nikova, Kevin Bacon, Ashley Simpson, Anne Coulter, […]

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Associated Press, Like News Corporation, Not Above The Law

The Associated Press, and much of the press that has a relationship with it, is reacting with a rather disturbing bit of righteous indignation in the revelation that the U.S. Department Of Justice secret seizure of Associated Press telephone records. The question is why did the DOJ feel it necessary to take such action against […]

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The Civic Classroom: Libby Schaaf, Oakland Councilmember (District Four)

The Civic Classroom – Special To Zennie62.com By Oakland Councilmember Libby Schaaf (District Four) Hi, I’m Libby Schaaf, Oakland’s District Four Councilmember. This week offers some incredible learning opportunities for Oaklanders – a veritable civic classroom. This Tuesday, April 23rd at our Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee, I’ve arranged for a presentation by Berkeley […]

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Cyberstalking Law Restarted With Obama’s Signing Of Violence Against Women Act

The Federal Cyberstalking Law is back. With President Obama’s signature of the bills that comprise the reauthorized Violence Against Women Act, The Federal Cyberstalking Law is back in place. This is how Sections 107 of The Violence Against Women Act reads: § 2261A. Stalking ‘‘Whoever— ‘‘(1) travels in interstate or foreign commerce or is present […]

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San Leandro, CA Continues with Meyers Nave Law Firm to Represent City

The City of San Leandro’s City Council has reached consensus to continue to retain the law firm of Meyers Nave and City Attorney Jayne Williams and Assistant City Attorney Richard D. Pio Roda as the City’s legal advisors. The Council on Tuesday Feb. 19 asked that Williams and the City Manager Chris Zapata develop a […]

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Chevron Ecuador: International Court Finds Ecuador Violating World Law

Ecuador’s never good at listening, preferring to march against the World, and to the beat of its own, corrupt, legal drum. That habit caught up to the country in the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit, where an international arbitration tribunal at The Hague issued an award Thursday that went against the country. Basically, the Permanent Court of […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger At Stanford Symposium Feb 8th

This is going to be an interesting event. Steven Donziger, the lead plaintiff’s attorney in the Chevron Ecuador case, will attend the first The Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation’s Symposium. Called “Lessons from the Chevron Ecuador Litigation” it’s an all-day event, from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM at room 290 in the Stanford Law School. […]

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Kiante Campbell Memorial Tonight 1601 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, 5-8 PM; Background

Kiante Campbell, or Kiante Tay Campbell, will be the focus of a memorial this evening at First Place For Youth, located at 1601 Telegraph Avenue right at the corner of Telegraph and 16th Streets in Downtown Oakland (next to the Rotunda and just a hop from Cafe Van Kleef). This blogger found Kiante Campbell’s Facebook […]

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New York Gov. Andrew Quomo Signs Stronger Gun Law

Not waiting for President Obama to act, New York Governor Andrew Quomo has signed a stronger state-wide gun law into action. The new legislation will fortify New York State’s existing assault weapons ban, limit the number of bullets in magazines and strengthen rules that keep the mentally ill from owning firearms. New York’s Democrat-dominated Assembly […]

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Entertainment Jack Klugman Tony Randall

Jack Klugman Passes: The Odd Couple Legend And New Yorker

Even though he was born in Philadelphia and passed away in Los Angeles, Jack Klugman’s someone I always associate with New York City. The reasons are simple: his role as Oscar Madison, the sloppy, smart but everyman sports writer friend and roommate to Felix Unger, expertly played by the late Tony Randall. Klugman’s ties to […]

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Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Killed For Election

The controversial Pennsylvania Voter ID Law that was approved six months ago has been killed for the election according to The Huffington Post. But, after the election, it’s to go back into enforcement – that doesn’t make sense. At any rate, what’s reported is that Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson postponed Pennsylvania’s controversial voter identification […]

Coldwater Movie Entertainment

Vincent Grashaw: “Bellflower” Star Is First-Time Director Of “Coldwater” Movie

UPDATE: Video interview with Vincent is here: Vincent Grashaw’s working on a new movie: Coldwater. I met Vincent Grashaw last year at Comic-Con, when he was part of the amazing cast and producers of the Evan Glodell movie Bellflower, and the subject of one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve ever made. Since then, Mr. […]

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Twitter Updates for 2012-05-15

Happy Mother’s Day To My Mom, And To All Moms http://t.co/9YAe7935 # Please "Like" the Zennie62 Facebook Page http://t.co/EMyEAphl # I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/UPBMHqlY Rand Paul Says Obama Could Not Be Gayer – Senator Paul Out O # Rand Paul Says Obama Could Not Be Gayer – Senator Paul Out Of Line: http://t.co/WxRkpPLh […]

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Rush Limbaugh Apologizes To Sandra Fluke After Losing 9 Sponsors

Rush Limbaugh of Excellence In Broadcasting (that’s the EIB logo you see for his broadcasts) has issued an apology or “Statement From Rush” in the wake of massive social media pressure which caused EIB to lose a whopping nine sponsors after Rush called Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke a “Slut” after her congressional testimony […]

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Rick Santorum white nationalists

Rick Santorum Had Dinner With White Supremacist

Rick Santorum Had Dinner With White Supremacist – Earlier this week, I focused on GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum’s “problems with Black people” as I called the video and blog. Some were skeptical of my claim of Santorum’s racist problem; this should provide more evidence that he has one. On February 10th, during CPAC, two, […]

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How SOPA and PIPA Impacts You

So how does SOPA and PIPA impact you, the individual surfing the web and not necessarily contributing to web sites or doing any business or marketing on the web. Well, according to PC World one of the aspects that could have impacted you the most is being taken out: “The lead sponsor of the U.S. […]