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Ecuador President Correa “Will Resign” If Chevron Proves Interference In Case

Ecuador President Rafael Correa has vowed to resign if Chevron can prove that his government interfered with the case against the American Oil Company in Ecuador, according to IndustryWeek.com. “Let Chevron prove that the government interfered in the judgment, and I will resign my post,” President Correa said Tuesday at a news conference in Guayaquil. […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s Consulting Firm Turns On Him, Sites Fraud

Steven Donziger, the main instigator of the lawsuit against Chevron for activities of the oil producing Petroecuador / Texaco consortium TexPet in Ecuador to 1992 and before Chevron bought Texaco, what we call “Chevron Ecuador,” is in big trouble today after the consulting firm he selected to work on the case quit. The most damaging […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Patton Boggs Must Give Documents Up; Judge Kaplan Writes History

The Chevron Ecuador case, which really should be called the “Tex-Pet Ecuador” case since Chevron was not operating in Ecuador at the time and up to Texaco’s departure in 1992, has produced another new and interesting development: U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan has refused the request of the Patton Boggs lawfirm to be recused from […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger At Stanford Symposium Feb 8th

This is going to be an interesting event. Steven Donziger, the lead plaintiff’s attorney in the Chevron Ecuador case, will attend the first The Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation’s Symposium. Called “Lessons from the Chevron Ecuador Litigation” it’s an all-day event, from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM at room 290 in the Stanford Law School. […]

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Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan Allows Chevron To Pursue Ecuador Fraud Claim

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, who was the first legal overseer to recognize that the Steven Donziger-led lawsuit against Chevron and that caused the corrupt Ecuador court to issue an $18 billion damage claim that was recently raised to $19 billion, has allowed Chevron’s pursuit of a fraud claim to move forward. In order to avoid […]