Area 51 Exists Says CIA; Stories, Documentaries True. Tell John Russo!

Area 51, that place somewhere in Nevada’s dessert and long rumored to be a place for testing of experimental planes and the housing of UFOs, was finally said to exist … Read More

Oakland Mayor Quan, Barbara Parker Let Warriors Plan Move To SF While Owing $95 Mil

Warriors planning move to San Francisco from Oakland. This is the kind of thing John Russo would have worked to prevent if he were City Attorney: The Golden State Warriors, … Read More

Morrie Turner, Wee Pals Cartoon Creator, Honored By Oakland City Council

Morrie Turner is the symbol of Oakland’s unique way it expresses its diverse culture. The famous cartoonist best known for his Wee Pals cartoon creations, is as much a part … Read More

Oakland – Anthony Batts, Police Chief, Resigns; Russo, Schaaf React

Oakland’s Police Chief Anthony “Tony” Batts announced his resignation today at a 3 PM PST press conference at Oakland’s City Hall. Batts said he was stepping down because of a … Read More

John Russo – City Of Oakland Debt Plans Point To Bankruptcy

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