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Herman Cain Has “Women For Cain;” Newt Gingrich Has A Problem

GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s become a lightening rod for a number of complaints from women he’s reportedly sexually harassed or had an affair with. To fight back, Cain and his wife Gloria started “Women For Cain,” a website that features women saying good things about Herman Cain. What turned me on to the site […]

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Herman Cain Fails On Libya

This video has gone viral because it not only shows that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain is not ready to be President Of The United States, the Republican Presidential field isn’t ready, and by light years. Cain appearing before the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, was asked if he agreed with President Obama’s approach in the […]

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Rick Perry Gay Rumors Posts Get Blogger Banned From SF Chronicle

Here’s an update to the original Zennie62.com blog post: it seems a Houston-based blog picked up my lasted re-telling of the “Is Rick Perry Gay?” question the mainstream media has avoided asking. Here’s what Chicago Pride wrote: Houston — Some bloggers want Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry to answer one simple question: “Are you gay?” […]

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Sharon Bialek, Gloria Allred, Herman Cain, Sexual Harassment and Credibility

More at Zennie62.com Yesterday, Sharon Bialek teamed up with famed celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, stepped up to the mic to give graphic details about her alleged sexual harassment encounter with Herman Cain, and immediately found herself the target of charges that she’s less than credible. If you didn’t see her talk on video, here it […]

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Herman Cain Sexual Harassment? Donald Trump? Rick Perry Gay?

The allegations that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was involved in some sexual harassment investigation when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in “the 90s” reminds this blogger of the claims all over the blogsphere that Texas Governor Rick Perry is Gay, and how the main stream media handles the rumors – by […]

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Herman Cain Weighs in on Occupy Wall Street Protests

GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain has always prided himself on being a business man and not a politician, and he is going back to defending the big business and verbally attacking the protestors at Wall Street. On CBS’ “Face The Nation,” he called the protestors “jealous” Americans who play the “victim card,” and he even […]

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On The View, Herman Cain Says Blacks Need To Be Saved; Really?

Herman Cain Says Blacks Need To Be Saved. Really, Mr. Cain said that. This is why I don’t like Herman Cain for President. On ABC’s The View on Tuesday, the Black GOP Presidential Candidate and former head of Godfather’s Pizza, said that “some of them can’t be saved” in referring to African Americans who commonly […]

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Herman Cain On The View, Chris Christie Not Running

Two GOP stars, Herman Cain and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, made news today. Cain was in the news for being the first black GOP Presidential Candidate to appear on ABC’s The View this morning. Governor Christie made the headlines for his decision not to seek the GOP nomination for President of The United States. […]

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Hank Williams Jr. Says Obama Like Hitler; Likes Herman Cain

Just what got into country music star and now-formed musician for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Hank Williams Jr. that he would make a stupid-assed (no other way to describe it) comments about President Obama, comparing him (unfavorably) to, of all people, and without reason, Adolph Hitler. Appearing on Fox News’ Fox & Friends today, Hank […]

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Perry and Romney at the Tea Party Debate

CNN hosted the Tea Party Republican Debate last night in Tampa, Florida. The eight presidential nominees were there, but the spotlight was really on Rick Perry and Mitt Romney – the two bickered back and forth a lot within the debate and watching it was amusing. CNN opened the show by giving each person a […]