Google Donates $6.8 Million to Give Kids Free ‘Muni Ride’ – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsGoogle Inc. has donated $6.8 million to let kids ride the Muni bus for free for two years. The company’s generosity aims to help the city with … Read More

Prescription Drugs, Cocaine and Heroin Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman – It’s … –

Contactmusic.comDespite the causes of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death being tragically clear, the official toxicology report has confirmed that the late actor died due to a lethal concoction of prescription drugs, … Read More

Orleans DA asks judge to hold Darren Sharper co-defendant, saying he is a … – The Times-Picayune

The Times-PicayuneOrleans Parish prosecutors asked a judge Friday to hold Darren Sharper co-defendant Erik Nunez without bail until a later hearing because they claimed he is a flight risk due … Read More

Google Barge On The Move; Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Stockton – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsGoogle Barge is reportedly on a move to set up a new home in Stockton, after the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission issued notice to … Read More

Simple Tree Branch Filter Removes 99 Percent of E. Coli from Water – The Escapist

The EscapistMIT researchers have tested a water filter fashioned from a tree branch that may be the low-cost solution to water filtration in developing countries. New research from MIT has … Read More

MIT scientists show tree branch to be effective water purifier –

UPI.comBOSTON, Feb. 27 (UPI) — Dirty, contaminated water is a problem for many developing nations. But water filters are relatively expensive and not something easily assembled in the shed, garage … Read More

The Bering Strait Poses Increased Risk of Collision between Whales and Ships … – Science World Report

Science World ReportA large population of whales and ships is increasingly using the ice-free Bering Strait, the channel that connects the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, raising the risk of collision … Read More

Risk Of Collisions Between Whales And Ships Increased In Bering Strait: Study – International Business Times

International Business TimesThe study suggests slowing ship speeds in the Bering Strait, reducing motor noise and the likelihood of collisions between whales and ships. Reuters. When the Arctic Ocean thaws, … Read More

Boeing Black: A mobe that’s secure enough for government work? – Register

RegisterWho makes the most secure smartphones? Apple? Samsung? BlackBerry? Boeing is betting the US government’s answer is “none of the above.” A filing with the US Federal Communications Commission first … Read More

Diving Into Kepler Data, Astronomers Discover Hundreds of Planets – New York Times

New York TimesKepler’s view of the sky taken in 2009. Its mission was to hunt for exoplanets among the approximately 4.5 million stars pictured here. Credit NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech. the main story. … Read More

Update your iThings NOW: Apple splats scary SSL snooping bug in iOS – Register

RegisterUpdated2 Apple has updated its mobile operating system iOS to patch a bug that blows apart the integrity of encrypted connections. Versions 7.0.6 and 6.1.6, available now for download, fixes … Read More

Christina Aguilera reportedly pregnant with her second child – Reality TV World

Reality TV WorldThe 33-year-old singer and “The Voice” coach announced last week she has gotten engaged to film producer Matt Rutler after dating him for nearly three years. Aguilera also … Read More

Kim Kardashian — I Agree With Kanye West … TMZ’s Got Racial Issues –

TMZ.comKim Kardashian just called TMZ out … echoing Kanye West’s complaint that TMZ goes after him because we’re uncomfortable with interracial relationships. Kim was leaving Barney’s New York Tuesday afternoon … Read More

LADEE Sends Images Of Lunar Surface Home For The First Time (LINK) – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsThe LADEE mission sent pictures of the lunar back to Earth taken that were taken with onboard camera systems called “star trackers.” The star trackers are meant … Read More

Police: Body of missing legislative intern found after disappearing Super Bowl day – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV(AP) — Police say they’ve found the body of a missing Florida State University graduate and legislative intern who disappeared after watching the Super Bowl with … Read More

Google To Set Up ‘Cool’ Work Space In San Francisco’s Mission Neighborhood … – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsGoogle is reportedly investing in a huge work space for its burgeoning number of engineers from recent acquisitions by leasing a 35,000-square-foot building in San Francisco’s Mission … Read More

iOS 7.1 rumored to arrive in mid-March with enhanced Mobile Device Management – Apple Insider

Apple InsiderApple’s next free iOS 7 update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users will fix bugs and enhance a variety of user interface elements, but its release appears hinged … Read More

Nets, Cavs talk Terry for Jack deal – ESPN

ESPNThe Brooklyn Nets are interested in acquiring Cavaliers point guard Jarrett Jack and have had discussions about a potential trade with Cleveland involving Jason Terry, according to sources briefed on … Read More

Mars ‘Jelly Doughnut’ Mystery Solved: It’s Just A Rock, NASA Says – Ktoo

KtooThis composite image provided by NASA shows before-and-after images taken by the Opportunity rover on Mars of a patch of ground taken on Dec. 26, 2013, showing the “Pinnacle Island” … Read More

Winning! Charlie Sheen engaged to girlfriend Brett Rossi –

Today.comThe “Anger Management star” proposed to his girlfriend, Brett Rossi, on Saturday in Hawaii, his publicist Jeff Ballard confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. No wedding date has been set. PHOTOS: … Read More

Flap no more: Google, Apple rejecting flappy-branded games – Ars Technica

Ars TechnicaFlappy Bird knock-offs proliferated almost as soon as Flappy Bird became a (blessedly short-lived) phenomenon, and it seems that Apple and Google are both fighting back. The companies have … Read More

Apple and Google now rejecting games with “flappy” in the title – Digital Trends

Digital TrendsThe rise and fall of Flappy Bird has been one of the most bizarre tech stories of 2014, and there’s another development to report: Apple and Google have both … Read More

Kickstarter suffers data breach: credit card info said to be safe – State Column

State ColumnIs 2014 the year of the hacker? Not only has this year seen a holdover of impact from last fall’s high-profile Target data hack, but it’s also seen hacking-related … Read More

Cat Parasite Infects Arctic Belugas, Experts Blame Climate Change For … – International Business Times

International Business TimesToxoplasma gondii, or T. gondii, is a parasitic protozoan that reproduces in the intestines of cats, but the parasite has recently been found in Arctic beluga whales. Experts … Read More

T-Mobile to Expand Early-Upgrade ‘Jump’ Plan Feb. 23 – PC Magazine

PC MagazineLooking to upgrade your T-Mobile smartphone a ton of times within a given year? Go right ahead, thanks to the expanded Jump early-upgrade service. 0shares. T-Mobile Logo. T-Mobile customers … Read More

Facebook changes show it’s no longer a binary world – Washington Post

Washington PostFacebook has expanded its options for gender identification, adding 54 new ones for users to choose from, in addition to “male” and “female.” They are available for people using … Read More

Tawny crazy ants resort to chemical warfare to get upper hand over fire ants – Tech Times

Tech TimesTawny crazy ants are taking on the much larger fire ants (a la David v. Goliath) in the battle for domination and survival in the southern United States. Both … Read More

Amazon puts image recognition into its main iOS mobile App – Authint Mail

Authint MailAmerican electronic commerce company, Amazon brings a new feature to its iOS mobile app to help customers scan different products ranging from groceries to video games, using Flow image … Read More

Amazon Fires Up Its iOS Mobile App With Image-Recognition Flow Software – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsAmazon brings a new feature to its iOS mobile app to help customers scan different products ranging from groceries to video games, using “Flow” image-recognition. Amazon Inc., … Read More

Status update: 10 years in, Facebook still a force – USA TODAY

USA TODAYMENLO PARK, Calif. – Facebook on Tuesday celebrates 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room launch of the social network, a business now worth more than corporate centenarians … Read More

Lockheed Martin’s autonomous convoy tests bring Skynet one step closer to reality – Engadget

EngadgetDrones delivering your latest George R.R Martin instalment? Cute. But the real work of autonomous vehicles is being pioneered in the military. Lockheed Martin has recently completed testing of full … Read More

Study Shows How Planets with Binary Stars, Like Tatooine, Form – The Escapist

The EscapistResearchers at the University of Bristol used computer simulations to model how planets form in binary star systems, like the fictional Star Wars planet Tatooine. The image of two … Read More

A Planet With 2 Stars Would Have Formed Far From its Current Location – University Herald

University HeraldTatooine (Photo : Facebook/Star Wars) An illustration of the horizon on Tatooine shows the planet’s two suns. A new study has discovered how a circumbinary planet forms and grows … Read More