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NFL Draft 2012: Just How Does Wilson Make A Football?

By Dr. Bill Chachkes & David Levy-Football Reporters Online Wilson sporting goods brought their “Factory” to the NFL Shop’s “pop up” store to NYC for NFL Draft week, and I have to say I was impressed at the…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Some Things and Other Things-The “Post April Fools” edition:

By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Executive Editor/Managing Partner-Football Reporters Online. (Photo-Wikipedia-Team staffs at the 2010 Draft) Loyalty: it’s a word no one associates with professional football any longer. Today it’s all about the “Dollar signs” ($$$). Usually…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Mr. Moss goes to San Francisco

By JP FOX-Contributing Writer-Football Reporters Online-Special to November 28, 1998. Minnesota Vikings rookie Wide Receiver Randy Moss: 3 catches 163 yards and 3 touchdowns in a Thanksgiving Day game against the Dallas Cowboys. I…

Are Manning and Tennessee a fit?

By Rafael Garcia Sr. Contributing Writer Southeast Region-Football Reporters Online-Special to  Zennie62 media It has been some off season so far and it is just getting started. Free agency began with a bang when the…


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