Oakland News: Art Murmur First Friday Shooting; Raiders Mark Davis And Trust

On Friday, just after Art Murmur / First Friday for October, someone reportedly shot into a crowd at 14th and Broadway in Downtown Oakland. That’s right at BART 12th Street, … Read More

Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Shooting: Assault, Not Murder Charge

The latest news in the case of the Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Shooting that happened Friday night is that a 19-year-old man was charged with assault, but no murder … Read More

Oakland Police Arrest Suspect In First Friday Shooting

The City of Oakland’s Communications Department has released a statement that the Oakland Police have arrested a single suspect in the Art Murmur / First Friday Shooting. Here’s the statement: … Read More

Oakland Art Murmur Statement On First Friday Shooting

The Oakland Art Murmur Administration has left a statement on the website of the organization in the wake of last night’s First Friday shooting, where the killers are still at … Read More

First Friday Shooting Should Not Stop Oakland Art Murmur

The First Friday Shooting is a horror and a tragedy that Oakland and Oakland Art Murmur must overcome. The video made by this blogger shows the awful scene of a … Read More