NASA Scientists Discover 715 Additional Planets – Guardian Liberty Voice

Guardian Liberty VoiceThere is further proof of inhabitable planets in the galaxy. Using data from, NASA announced Wednesday that data from the Kepler space telescope enabled scientists to discover 715 … Read More

Matt Frank’s sketches of the new movie Godzilla will rock your world – San Antonio Express (blog)

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LADEE Sends Images Of Lunar Surface Home For The First Time (LINK) – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsThe LADEE mission sent pictures of the lunar back to Earth taken that were taken with onboard camera systems called “star trackers.” The star trackers are meant … Read More

NASA moon dust probe LADEE relays first images home – State Column

State ColumnNASA has released the first five images sent back by it’s lunar atmosphere proble LADEE. The State Column, Justin Beach | February 18, 2014. Tweet. NASA has released the … Read More

Asteroid the size of three football fields zips by earth in ‘close call’ –

fox4kc.comAn asteroid with an estimated diameter of three football fields zoomed by Earth late Monday, missing our home by about that distance. It traveled at some 27,000 miles per hour. … Read More

A 270m asteroid has swung past Earth almost exactly a year after a meteor burst … – days after the anniversary of the Chelyabinsk meteor that injured 1,000 when the spectacular fireball burst over Russia, a massive asteroid has flashed past Earth. The trajectory of the … Read More

Asteroid 3 football fields long to fly by Earth tonight; watch live! – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesA massive asteroid the length of three football fields will make its closest approach to Earth tonight, and you can watch it fly by live, right here. Beginning … Read More

Watch Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Whip Past Earth – National Geographic

National GeographicArtwork showing an asteroid zipping by the Earth moon system. Credit: ILLUSTRATION COURTESY P. CARRIL, ESA. A giant space rock three times the size of football field is about … Read More

Asteroid to hurtle past the Earth at 27000 mph – ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid which is three times the size of a football pitch and travelling at 27,000 miles an hour will pass close to Earth on Monday night. Although … Read More

NASA Obtains New Information About Galactic Magnetic Field – Guardian Liberty Voice

Guardian Liberty VoiceNASA obtains new information about galactic magnetic field after comparing notes between observatories on Earth and the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) craft regarding the direction of incoming high … Read More

Phillips: Manziel right for Texans – ESPN

ESPNPhillips, formerly Houston’s defensive coordinator and not part of O’Brien’s staff, was the Texans’ interim coach for the final three games after Kubiak was fired in early December. [+] Enlarge … Read More

TV ‘Salute’ to Beatles features Dave Grohl, Stevie Wonder and friends – The Seattle Times

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2014 State of the Union Address Full Speech Text

Remarks of President Barack Obama – As Prepared for Delivery State of the Union Address Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Washington, D.C. As Prepared for Delivery – Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice … Read More

Keidel: Being A Slave To Weather Gods Is Not What Super Bowl Should Be About – CBS Local

CBS LocalThis is no commentary on New York City, which is better equipped than any on Earth to host this game, nor on New Jersey, which is unfairly dismissed as … Read More

Space dust capable of carrying water to Earth, researchers confirm – The Space Reporter

The Space ReporterAccording to a news release from the University of Hawaii – School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, researchers have found that interplanetary dust particles, called IDPs, … Read More

Steam spouts from dwarf planet Ceres – of steam are being released from the surface of a giant asteroid 266 million miles from Earth. Scientists have detected water vapour in the atmosphere around Ceres, a “dwarf … Read More

This dwarf planet in the asteroid belt may contain more fresh water than all of Earth – CNET

CNETUsing the Herschel Telescope, the European Space Agency has detected water vapor on Ceres, the largest and roundest object in the asteroid belt. And it just may have a whole … Read More

Google Kills Blog Search Option, Matt Cutts Attacks Guest Blogging After Cat Bites Him

Google hates blogs and bloggers and it’s found two new ways to show that it does. Google quietly removed the long-standing “blogs” option in the top menu. In the past, … Read More

The ESA Confirms Hello World Message Is Received From Rosetta Spacecraft – The News Reports

The News ReportsThe European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed that it has received a message from a ship in space today. Sadly for fans of science fiction and those hoping … Read More

Hey, Rosetta? ESA hopes for sign of life from comet-chasing probe – CTV News

CTV NewsBERLIN — Europe’s Rosetta probe is due to wake up from years of hibernation Monday, but scientists face an agonizing wait of several hours until the first signal reaches … Read More

Adam Sandler, Jaden Smith, Halle Berry and Naomi Watts in the running for … – Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free PressA day in advance of this morning’s big news regarding the Oscar nominations, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation deflated some Hollywood egos Wednesday by announcing nominees for its … Read More