Jean Quan’s car windshield smashed during neighborhood meeting – Vallejo Times-Herald

Jean Quan’s car windshield smashed during neighborhood meetingVallejo Times-HeraldIt was unclear whether the incident was an act of vandalism or an attempted burglary. Last month, one of Quan’s opponents in … Read More

Anti-abortion group targets Oakland’s black community – Contra Costa Times

Anti-abortion group targets Oakland’s black communityContra Costa TimesOAKLAND — A small group of anti-abortion activists warmed up their chops in downtown Oakland Friday ahead of a larger event Saturday in … Read More

Oakland News: Mayor Quan’s Woodminster Wheelchair Problem In “White v. Oakland”

In this Oakland News, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan doesn’t know this until now, but as of this writing she’s about to be deposed in a lawsuit where the person who … Read More

Oakland Sears still hasn’t repaired windows – San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco ChronicleFor a short time in July, downtown Oakland looked like a ghost town marked by boarded-up windows and graffiti after rioters, angry at the acquittal of George Zimmerman … Read More

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Thinks Black Oakland Is Bad

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said this to the National Journal’s Sophie Quinton: “And so, you asked me what my challenge is. Well, my challenge is to let people know what … Read More

Was Downtown Oakland Attack On Joshua Daniels From City Worker?

Joshua Daniels is a name you know if you, for whatever reason, follow the Twitter hashtags #Oakland and #OakMtg. He posts there on what seems to be an every-other-day basis. … Read More

Disco Volante Oakland Closes Abruptly; Monday Last Day

Disco Volante Oakland has closed. Disco Volante in Downtown Oakland, at 347 14th Street, is a very popular eatery and entertainment spot that I didn’t get to spend as much … Read More

George Zimmerman Verdict: Bar Dogwood In Downtown Oakland’s Windows Smashed

In the wake of the George Zimmerman Verdict, Downtown Oakland was once again the focus of the window smashing work of anarchists, some who have been incorrectly identified as being … Read More

Tioki, The Mitch Kapor-Backed “Linkedin For Education,” Grows In Oakland is not a virtual tiki bar. The Linkedin model is an undoutedly successful one, so would be just a matter of time before someone developed a site that has … Read More

First Friday Shooting Should Not Stop Oakland Art Murmur

The First Friday Shooting is a horror and a tragedy that Oakland and Oakland Art Murmur must overcome. The video made by this blogger shows the awful scene of a … Read More

Occupy Oakland One Year Anniversary Live Stream

On October 25th, 2011, a giant downtown Oakland protest at 14th and Broadway turned ugly as Oakland Police and law enforcement officials clashed. The result was that Scott Olsen, a … Read More

Oakland Tribune’s Angela Woodall’s Wronghead View Of Downtown

Grrr. Oakland Tribune reporter Angela Woodall’s done it again: wrote another completely wrongheaded account of my Oakland. The first time it was a Twitter tweet that implied there was corruption … Read More

Oakland California’s New Young White Population

Over the past five years, Oakland, California, this blogger’s home, has developed (and this is strictly by observation) a new populations of people, the majority of which are white, that … Read More

President Obama Comes To Oakland Monday

President Barack Obama is coming to Oakland tomorrow, Monday, for a rally at The Fox Theater at 4:30 PM PDT. That means much of Downtown Oakland will be jam packed … Read More

Golden State Warriors Former Owner Touting New Coliseum Arena In 1998

In light of the efforts of the current owners of The Golden State Warriors to build a new arena in San Francisco, it’s worth going back and looking at what … Read More

Oakland News: Wild Nightlife Scene, Gang-Rape Of Alley Patron?

That has to be the most shocking title you’ve ever seen me post. Come to think of it, it’s shocking even if you’ve read my blog for the first time. … Read More

Oakland News: Robberies, Restaurant Week, Occupy Oakland

You can take this Oakland news in whatever order, but this blogger’ presenting Robberies, Restaurant Week, and Occupy Oakland, and other news. First, let’s start with the other news. Cafe … Read More

The Occupy Oakland Port Action: ILWU Union Games The Movement

The Occupy Oakland Movement certainly has its factions, so it’s hard to say ‘the movement as a whole thinks one way,’ but the bottom line is the current majority is … Read More

Occupy Oakland Protest In Downtown Oakland Now

As this is written, a massive Occupy Oakland protest is underway in Downtown Oakland. From the looks of the photos there are about 2,000 people involved, and they’re reportedly on … Read More

Oakland Mayor Quan Walks Occupy Oakland After Eviction

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was just captured on camera walking Frank Ogawa Plaza in the wake of the eviction of Occupy Oakland, tends and protestors. The live stream (as of … Read More

Oakland Not On Fire, Fox News Lies About Occupy Oakland

Oakland is on fire! If you watch Fox News or ABC News or read the hyperbolic posts of Michelle Malkin, and don’t live in Oakland, you’d think just that: Oakland’s … Read More

Occupy Oakland Strike Draws 100,000; Violence Caused By 100

Oakland’s Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan (a capable and politically smart leader in a tough position) got the Occupy Oakland General Strike crowd count massively wrong: it’s not 7,000, but … Read More

Michael Moore On Way To Occupy Oakland Rally Today

Famed activist and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore issued this Twitter tweet just 33 minutes ago, as of this writing: @MMFlint Michael Moore Leaving NYC, on my way to #OccupyOakland. Will … Read More

Occupy Oakland: Police Eviction Underway, 75 Arrested, Live Stream

Video streaming by Ustream Occupy Oakland is being evicted as of this writing – 75 people arrested and tear gas was used. This live steam shows gives up to the … Read More

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