After decades in prison over murders, DNA evidence frees 2 New York men – CNN

CNN(CNN) — Two men behind bars for more than half their lives over a triple murder walked free this week after DNA evidence tore holes in their convictions. Antonio Yarbough … Read More

Italian court overturns not guilty verdict of Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito in … – Fox News

Fox NewsAn appeals court in Florence on Thursday upheld the guilty verdict against U.S. student Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend for the 2007 murder of her British roommate. Knox was … Read More

Kercher trial: How does DNA contamination occur? – BBC News

BBC NewsPotential for the contamination of forensic DNA evidence has been highlighted by the Meredith Kercher murder trial. But just how much of a problem is it and what lessons … Read More

DNA matches remains to missing autistic boy in New York City – (blog) (blog)Body parts found along the shore of the East River in Queens have been matched by DNA to Avonte Oquendo, the teen who went missing more than three months … Read More

Exclusive: Newly Sequenced Plant Genome Solves Darwin’s ‘Abominable … – Design & Trend

Design & TrendThe flower is the only link to the ancient flowers that covered the planet and is helping scientists understand the evolutionary processes that led to the 300,000 species … Read More

Sex and the Siberian Neanderthal: Incest and inter-species action –

NBCNews.comResearchers extracted DNA from this toe bone of a Siberian Neanderthal female who lived about 50,000 years ago. The first high-quality genome sequence of a Siberian Neanderthal female is throwing … Read More

Jameis Winston Rape Case Dropped Due To DNA, Witness Claim Accuser Was Sexual Aggressor

Jameis Winston Rape Case Dropped Due To DNA, Witness Claim Accuser Was Sexual Aggressor Jameis Winston Wins 2013 Heisman Trophy, But Dogged By Rape Claim On Twitter And this update: … Read More

Oldest DNA obtained from human ancestor – oldest DNA from a relative of modern humans has been extracted from a 400,000 year old thigh bone. Scientists recovered the genetic material from bones thought to belong to … Read More

Early Human Interbreeding More Widespread Than Thought, Study Suggests – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalIn a prehistoric maternity test, scientists successfully sequenced the oldest known human DNA—more than 300,000 years old—and found a stranger in the mix, suggesting that interbreeding between early … Read More

Hulu Names Fox’s Mike Hopkins As CEO: Bio

“Hulu Names Fox’s Mike Hopkins As CEO.” The news is all over the Internet about Hulu selecting the Fox Networks Group President of Distribution, Mike Hopkins, but who is he … Read More

Amanda Knox To Be Retried Again In Horrible Example Of “Justice”

Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito have spent four years in jail, were convicted of the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher the first time, then acquitted on appeal, and … Read More

Jon Steward In Lovefest With Admitted Drug User Mike Piazza

Jon Stewart is a comedian, a political satirist. Last night, Stewart did his job, again. He made me laugh, by failing to call one of Major League Baseball’s all-time greatest … Read More

Yahoo’s Scott Thompson Steps Down; Yahoo’s Bureaucratic DNA Is Killing The Firm

On Sunday, Yahoo!, what was at first a search giant, but now doesn’t seem to know what it is, other than good at covering sports and bringing more content producers … Read More

Morgan Spurlock Tweets To My “Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” Blog Post

Morgan Spurlock sent a Twitter tweet reaction to my blog post called “Why Is Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope So White?” I wrote the post in response to … Read More

NFL Draft: Andrew Luck’s 70-Yard Bomb Marks Pro Day

Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck had an outstanding Pro Day down on The Farm, as he threw 50 passes, completing 46 of them and in conditions that were less than perfect, … Read More

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