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Americans Would Give Up TV Before Internet – Discovery News

Discovery NewsUsing the Web has become the main activity for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. iStockPhoto. Gallery. HolidayGiftGuide2011:FortheCouchPotato. View Caption +#1: Indulging the Indulgent. Need to come up with holiday solutions for…

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Ceres asteroid vents water vapour – BBC News

BBC NewsObservations of the Solar System’s biggest asteroid suggest it is spewing plumes of water vapour into space. Ceres has long been thought to contain substantial quantities of ice within its body, but this is…

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Ancient Tributes to the Winter Solstice – Discovery News

Discovery NewsThis weekend marks the beginning of the end. Of winter’s darkness, that is. Today (Dec. 21), the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the mark of increasingly longer days, while the Southern Hemisphere will transition to shorter…

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Neanderthals cared for elder, burial site shows – AFP

AFPWashington — New findings at an old Neanderthal burial ground in France have bolstered the notion that cavemen cared for their elders, researchers said. The research is based on excavations around the skeleton of an…

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China puts photocopier on the moon – Register

RegisterChina’s National Space Administration, as the outfit’s website hasn’t had meaningful updates since 2009, so we’re reliant on state media service Xinhua for the news that the Chang’e-3 lander touched down safely and Jade Rabbit…

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Chinese moon rover launched successfully – CNN

CNN(CNN) — China’s first lunar rover deployed successfully from the unmanned spacecraft Chang’e-3 that landed on the moon Saturday. China launches first mission to the moon. Jade Rabbit (called Yutu in Chinese) is a six-wheeled…


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