NASA Kepler telescope doubles number of known planets outside solar system – Washington Post

Washington PostTo the list of planets orbiting distant stars, add another 715. That’s the number of planets, strewn among 305 planetary systems, popping out of the observational data from NASA’s … Read More

Web Video on Television From the Founders of TiVo – Wall Street Journal

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Box Office Report: ‘Lego Movie’ Continues to Build on Strong Start; ‘Pompeii … – Design & Trend

Box Office Report: ‘Lego Movie‘ Continues to Build on Strong Start; ‘Pompeii …Design & TrendThe McG-directed film took home $4.01 million on Friday, and will likely earn around $12 million … Read More

Nike to sell Marty McFly’s Power Laces from Back to the Future 2 in 2015 – Daily Mail

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$50K per day shouldn’t exempt Flappy Bird’s developer from empathy – VentureBeat

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The Lego Movie More Awesome Than RoboCop and About Last Night at Friday … – TheHDRoom

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Box Office Report: ‘The Lego Movie’ Builds on Strong Start; ‘Winter’s Tale … – Design & Trend

Box Office Report: ‘The Lego Movie‘ Builds on Strong Start; ‘Winter’s Tale …Design & Trend“The Lego Movie,” last weekend’s big winner at the box office, ended Friday in a tie … Read More

January 2014 NPD: PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One by a nearly 2-to-1 margin – VentureBeat

VentureBeatGamers only spent $664 million on physical games at brick-and-mortar stores, which is down 21 percent from $835 million in 2013, according to industry research firm The NPD Group’s monthly … Read More

Sony Outsells Microsoft As PlayStation 4 Units Enjoy Double Sales Volume Of … – Design & Trend

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Tawny crazy ants resort to chemical warfare to get upper hand over fire ants – Tech Times

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‘Puppy Bowl X’ on Animal Planet: Preview, TV Info, & More – Hidden Remote

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Shark fin demand down in S’pore amid extinction threat – Channel News Asia

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One of the Rarest Video Games in History Sells for $99902 – Crave Online

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Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross to score David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesNine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and English musician Atticus Ross will put their knack for chilly, moody soundscapes to use once again in director David Fincher’s upcoming … Read More

Pre-Order the Curved LG G Flex for AT&T This Week – PC Magazine

PC MagazineAT&T customers can start placing their pre-orders for LG’s curved G Flex smartphone this Friday, Jan. 24. The device will be $299.99 with a two-year contract. Those who want … Read More

Beyoncé and Jay Z Set to Perform at Grammys – E! Online

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Now microscopic robots ‘Bio-Bots’ to diagnose diseases inside Human Body – The Utah People’s Post

The Utah People’s PostThe scientists have developed a microscopic robot that can swim like a sperm inside a human body and help in sensing many diseases by exploring the body’s … Read More

Chimpanzees’ Use Of Hand Gestures To ‘Coordinate’ Activities An ‘Important … – International Business Times

International Business TimesAccording to new research, chimpanzees use hand gestures to collaborate on shared goals, like finding food. Reuters. Scientists have found that chimpanzees, our closest living relatives with whom … Read More

Chimpanzees Use Gestures To Accomplish Specific Tasks, Study Gives Insight … – Design & Trend

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Drake Drops ‘Trophies’ As A ‘New Year’s Eve Anthem’: Listen Now –

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Massive ‘Fireball’ Over Iowa! Stunning Video For End-Of-The-Year [VIDEO] – Design & Trend

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Never-Seen-Before ‘Microscopically View’ Battery Electrodes Bathed in … – Design & Trend

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Stunning Comets Discovered! They Are Seen In Every Century [Video] – Design & Trend

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NASA completes Christmas Eve spacewalk – Sydney Morning Herald

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Rarest Christmas Eve Spacewalk Successfully Completed! Now Restarted The … – Design & Trend

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Arctic Mercury Levels Lower Than Previously Thought! Thanks To Collapse Of … – Design & Trend

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Amborella Genome Yields Evolutionary Insight into Flowering Plants – Guardian Express

Guardian ExpressThis is neither the website of, nor affiliated in any way with, Guardian News and Media. Amborella genome yields evolutionary insight into flowering plants. A slew of scientific papers … Read More

Exclusive: Newly Sequenced Plant Genome Solves Darwin’s ‘Abominable … – Design & Trend

Design & TrendThe flower is the only link to the ancient flowers that covered the planet and is helping scientists understand the evolutionary processes that led to the 300,000 species … Read More

Sex, gluttony and hoarding marked evolution of flowering plants – Los Angeles Times

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Springsteen ‘Born to Run’ Draft Sells for $197K – ABC News

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Hubble finds water on 5 planets in our galactic neighborhood – Los Angeles Times

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