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Judge Kathleen McHugh Jails Chad Johnson For Butt-Slap: Social Media Erupts

Judge Kathleen “Katie” McHugh, the newly elected Broward County Judge who beat the politically connected Illene Lieberman and Garrett Michael Berman and Robert Abraham Jakovich in the 2012 election for the County Court Group 6 Seat, has come under social media fire for her over-reaction to former New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver […]

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Edward Snowden NSA Whistleblower No Hero, But Should Be Pardoned

Edward Snowden, the NSA Whistleblower who leaked details of a National Security Agency program called “PRISM,” is no hero, but should be pardoned. The reason is that Mr. Snowden talks as if he expects to be hunted, jailed, and punished, perhaps inviting the development of what has occurred: a ground swell of support for his […]

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What’s A Zeitgeist?

Hi Everyone! I became interested in what creates our American and now Global culture when I was around one-to-two years old and this thing called TV was before my eyes. I think I learned to read from Campbell’s Soups cans, so imagine how many kids may have had the same experience simply because of the […]

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Russian Meteor: Now 1,200 Injured, Vladimir Zhirinovsky Blames U.S.

The whole issue about the Russian Meteor that flew over Central Russia Friday morning at 33,000 MPH, causing a sonic boom of such massive proportions that it caused damage to buildings in various cities in that country, has taken an absurd turn. Now, a Russian politician is blaming America for the disaster. But before we […]

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George McGovern Passes At 90: Liberal Lion, Almost President

George McGovern has died. This blogger just got the email alert from CNN, which stated: Former U.S. Sen. George McGovern has died, according to a family statement. He was 90. You just can’t distil a person’s life into once sentence like that, especially not George McGovern’s life. What is best remembered about Mr. McGovern is […]

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Rep. Barbara Lee: “I Feel An Excitement And Sense Of Urgency” At DNC 2012

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, our great California 9th Congressional District Representative, said she felt an “excitement and sense of urgency” in getting out the Democratic Party’s message not just at the Democratic National Convention, but to America between now and the November election. Rep Lee recalled her first time at a DNC convention when she was […]

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Herman Cain On The View, Chris Christie Not Running

Two GOP stars, Herman Cain and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, made news today. Cain was in the news for being the first black GOP Presidential Candidate to appear on ABC’s The View this morning. Governor Christie made the headlines for his decision not to seek the GOP nomination for President of The United States. […]