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Sandre Swanson: Oakland Mayor Quan Appoints Assemblymember Deputy Mayor

Outgoing California Assemblymember Sandre Swanson was appointed Deputy Mayor of Oakland today by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. The email announcing this popped up just five minutes ago. Sandre was one of Jean Quan’s first major supporters in her run for Mayor, and back when many others, including this blogger, didn’t think she had a chance […]

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Iowa Caucus Today; GOP’s First Test

The Iowa Caucus is today and marks the first test of the Republican, or if you like GOP, Presidential Candidates. But just was is the Iowa Caucus? The Iowa Caucus is a gathering of tribes, essentially. In fact, the word “caucus” comes from the Native American term for just that: a gathering of tribes. There […]

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Bachmann Bribes Voters

Anyone who voted for Bachmann at the straw polls was able to enjoy music from Randy Travis, Grammy winning country singer. Bachmann spent lots of money getting him out there and made it so if people wanted to watch the singer perform they had to vote for Bachmann in the straw poll. What a way […]

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Michelle Bachmann Wins Poll – BART Cell Phone Cut Off Mubarek Action

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, in a development shocking to some, but pleasing to this blogger, won the Ames Iowa Republican Presidential Straw Poll, beating back a field of her competitors, most notably Congressman Ron Paul. And in other news covered here before, BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System, is being unfavorably compared to former Egyptian […]