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Leigh Steinberg Out Of Bankruptcy, Looks Forward To NFL Agent Reentry

At Tuesday’s Mr. Irrelevant dinner, Leigh Steinberg, a friend of this blogger, presents the “contract” for Mr. Irrelevant 2012, who’s Northern Illinois and Indianapolis Colts QB Chandler Harnish, and then gives us an update on his comback to the NFL Agent ranks, which I’d like to see. As I’ve said before, everyone deserves a second […]

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Julie Buehler On The NFL Draft, The Colts, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning

Julie Buehler is a one-woman army of awesomeness poised to take the sports media World by storm. I met Julie just before the 2012 NFL Draft, and the video above was made on the first day we met in person, at NFL Play 60. As you can hear, she’s more than informed about the Indianapolis […]

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2012 NFL Draft And Social Media: Zennie62 On Tonya Hall Radio Tuesday Morning

The 2012 NFL Draft is history, and while “Draftniks” are grading how NFL teams did, this blogger’s looking at how the NFL itself performed in social media. This blog post is both in preparation for, and will serve as kind of a primer for, a Tuesday morning radio show talk on The Tonya Hall Radio […]

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NFL Draft 2012 Mr. Irrelevant: Paul Salata Calls Chandler Harnish, QB Northern Illinois; ESPN Fans Boo?

Chandler Harnish, QB Northern Illinois, is the last pick of the NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts, and 2012’s Mr. Irrelevant! When Paul Salata appears to end the NFL Draft each year (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by Tout.com), you know it’s time for Mr. Irrelevant. And this year was no disappointment. Paul, ever dapper in his […]

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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio Wants Colt’s Jim Irsay Off Twitter

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio Wants Colt’s Jim Irsay Off Twitter Twitter has certainly changed the way people converse, creating access to previously distant celebrities and notaries. And more importantly, the media has had to adjust accordingly, deciding how the social medium is navigated. Some see Twitter as a threat, others as a tool. For […]

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Soccer Beats NFL At Twitter Tweets-Per-Second: Chelsea V Barcelona Over NFL Draft

The NFL bought the hashtag #NFLDraft today, but really should have done it on Thursday, the first day of The 2012 NFL Draft. Why? Because the League would have been in a better position to maintain its sports-related Twitter Tweets-Per-Second dominance, when the Indianapolis Colts selection of Andrew Luck was officially announced at the NFL […]

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NFL Draft 2012 2nd And 3rd Round Recap: Fleener Joins Luck In Indy

The NFL Draft 2012 started with an interesting development: after St. Louis opened with the selection of Appalachian State’s Brian Quick (which was a head-scratcher choice over Ga Tech’s Stephen Gill), the Indianapolis Colts followed by snatching up Stanford Tight End Cory Fleener. Now, Fleener is re-united with his Cardinal teammate, the first pick of […]

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Peyton Manning Released From The Colts: Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders Next?

That Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay actually pulled the trigger and released legendary NFL QB Peyton Manning is still unbelievable to this blogger. The best move would have been to retain Manning and place him as the offensive coordinator or assistant OC for the organization. What Manning developed as a passing approach should be studied, […]

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US. Army’s Caleb Campbell Now NFL Kansas City Chiefs Player

NFL Draft junkies might remember Caleb Campbell, the U.S. Army Lieutentant who was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 7th Round of the 2008 NFL Draft in a wave of cheers from fan at Radio City Music Hall after he was introduced to the World on ESPN. This blogger was there: So what happened […]

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Lisfranc Injury, Matt Schaub Out, Leinart In For Texans

The surprising Houston Texans are dealing with a new surprise: starting quarterback Matt Schaub is out for the rest of the 2011 NFL Season with something called a Lisfranc Injury. Now, USC grad and National Champion Matt Leinart steps in for his first NFL regular season game start in two years. And what is a […]

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Al Davis And The NFL Passing Game

Oakland Raiders Owner, formally called Manager Of The General Partner, passed away today at the age of 82. Davis, or Mr. Davis, will be remembered for his contributions to the hiring of minorities, and especially blacks in front office positions, and for his marketing skill. But this blogger will most remember his contributions to the […]

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Bob Sanders: Former Colts Safety, Now With SD Chargers, Out Again

News flash: Bob Sanders, the former standout Colts safety, is injured. That is news sure to warm the hearts of Colts fans who were shocked the Indianapolis NFL team traded him, but let it be said Colts GM Bill Polian knows what he’s doing. Sanders was an excellent NFL Pro Bowl-level player when he was […]