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Chevron Ecuador: Kerry Kennedy To Make $40 Million Off Scam Lawsuit

Talk about being party to an extortion. This blogger saw a Chevron Ecuador-related post on Kerry Kennedy and thought “Man, never saw her name involved in all this much until recently.” Now, I know why. According to The New York Post, the environmental ambulance-chasing, ceviche-eating-while-planning-fraud-on-video, self-described “lawyer for the plaintiffs” Steven Donziger not only gave […]

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Chevron Should Stay Course In Ecuador Case, Ignore Shell Issue

There are calls in some media areas and by some oil industry analysts for Chevron to consider a payment settlement in the Ecuador case, and because the U.S. Supreme Court elected to hear the Shell Oil Nigeria Human Rights case. This is a plea from Oppenheimer analyst Fadel Gheit, as reported in Platts. But it’s […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Chevron Awarded $96 Million in Arbitration Claim Against Government of Ecuador

All this blogger can say is “It’s about time” someone recognized just how bass-ackward corrupt the Government of Ecuador is and the efforts it has taken to mask the truth of how it treats its own people. Using American Business to advance the agenda of Ecuador’s rich has been a constant objective and the main […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Patton Boggs Law Firm Works For, Then Against, Chevron

Wow, talk about a major conflict of interest, Patton Boggs, the Washington DC law firm that Chevron Ecuador plaintiff lawyer Steven Donziger brought in to take some heat and spotlight off of him as allegations of fraud and general Ecuadorian dirty-dealing surfaced, also lobbied for Chevron. That’s right. In the summer of 2010, and before […]