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Chevron Ecuador: Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud

“Chevron Ecuador Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud,” is a blockbuster story. The latest news in the lawsuit pitting plaintiff’s lead by New York Lawyer Steven Donziger (who claims to represent Ecuador’s indigenous people) against American oil company Chevron. Burford Capital is one of the investors in the lawsuit that Ecuador and American lawyers […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Argentina Court Ruling Is Bogus

The news that an “Argentine judge has embargoed up to 19 billion dollars of Chevron Corporation’s assets in Argentina over an environmental damages lawsuit in Ecuador” is bogus. Argentina Civil Judge Adrian Elcuj Miranda ordered 40 percent of Chevron’s bank accounts in Argentina to be held in escrow, Enrique Bruchou, an Argentine attorney at Bruchou, […]

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Chevron Ecuador: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Blasts Donziger For “Tort Tourism”

Chevron Ecuador: the latest news has the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasting Steve Donziger and the so-called Amazon Defense Coalition for what many are starting to call “tort tourism,” or the practice of American lawyers traveling the World in search of situations in other countries where they think they can land a big lawsuit payday. […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Chevron Awarded $96 Million in Arbitration Claim Against Government of Ecuador

All this blogger can say is “It’s about time” someone recognized just how bass-ackward corrupt the Government of Ecuador is and the efforts it has taken to mask the truth of how it treats its own people. Using American Business to advance the agenda of Ecuador’s rich has been a constant objective and the main […]