Newt Gingrich Wins Baton Rouge Tea Party Straw Poll, But..

I’ve received emails from Newt Gingrich campaign for some time now, and figured it’s high time to share what’s happening. No, I don’t support Newt; I blog about politics and … Read More

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney Get Zennie Abraham Talk

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MN GOP back-pedalling from anti-gay preacher

The GOP majority in the MN state legislature invited controversial “Reverend” Bradlee Dean, who advocates the killing and or incarceration of gays, to make the opening “prayer” for today’s session. … Read More

Dr. Cornel West moved the conversation

The activist Professor Cornel West has goals and agendas that are, at best, only partially apparent to the rest of us despite his academic prominence and countless interviews; it’s reasonable … Read More

Boehner under fire

Editor, journalist, political consultant, and former Congressional Campaign Manager Thomas Hayes According to Reuters, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Behner, is becoming a target for Tea … Read More

Obama’s stand

The President made a compelling case for his vision of the future of the United States, putting the GOP on notice that he is committed to the quality of life … Read More