Kiante Campbell Memorial Tonight 1601 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, 5-8 PM; Background

Kiante Campbell, or Kiante Tay Campbell, will be the focus of a memorial this evening at First Place For Youth, located at 1601 Telegraph Avenue right at the corner of … Read More

Oakland Art Murmur Shooting Friday Night, 4 Shot, One Dead #Video Oakland Art Murmur Shooting rocks Uptown, Oakland. The Oakland Art Murmur’s positive energy was ruined by the negative energy of a homicide. A four people were shot, one killed, … Read More

Oakland’s Loring Cafe Bet. Webster And Broadway On Grand Will Be A Hit, When It Opens

Merry Christmas! The Oakland version of Loring Cafe will be a hit – whenever it opens! This blogger took another tour of what will be the celebrated Oakland place-to-go-and-sleep-over-books-and-a-good-meal at … Read More

Oakland Hopping On Friday In Uptown

Since I found myself in Oakland for a weekend rather than Georgia, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, and on the first Friday of the month of March, I took … Read More

Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe, Dogwood Bar, Mark Uptown Oakland

Last night this vlogger trekked down over to the Uptown District in Oakland to just check out how the scene was changing. The result? The video you see above. It … Read More

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