Extreme Biodiesel’s XRTM Cannabis Ventures Medical Marijuana Plant Plan Is Real

Extreme Biodiesel’s XRTM Cannabis Ventures is real, folks. There’s something I have to communicate just to cut through the content that is trying to put out false information about Extreme … Read More

Marcus Smart Told To ‘Go Back To Africa’ By Jeff Orr At Ok State, Texas Tech Game

Jeff Orr Says He Called Marcus Smart “Piece Of Crap” Nothing Racial Marcus Smart, the Oklahoma State star basketball player who shoved Jeff Orr, a fan in the stands near … Read More

Michelle Malkin’s #MyRightWingBiracialFamily Great Social Media Effort, Masks Ugly Truth

The “#MyRightWingBiracialFamily social media effort was started by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, and where she used social media to start a campaign encouraging conservatives who are in biracial families to … Read More

Pinewood Studios Atlanta, Fayetteville, GA Makes First Political Error

Pinewood Studios Atlanta Fayetteville, Georgia – the near-300-acre movie studio complex slated to open this month as production of MARVEL’s Ant-Man with Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd gets underway – … Read More

YouTube Fails To Punish YouTuber For Threatening Another YouTuber On YouTube

YouTube has a simple terms of service statement that you’re not supposed to use YouTube to issue threats to another YouTuber (or anyone really). But in the case of Thomas … Read More

Courtney Stodden With Edward Lozzi, Beverly Hills Publicist; They’re Friends

Courtney Stodden, the 19-year-old starlet, was recently seen out with this blogger’s friend and famed Hollywood and Beverly Hills Publicist, Edward Lozzi. If you’re a regular visitor to this space, … Read More

Jameis Winston Wins 2013 Heisman Trophy, But Dogged By Rape Claim On Twitter

Jameis Winston, the great Florida State University (FSU) Quarterback, won the 2013 Heisman Trophy, but from social media’s view on Twitter, Winston has been proven guilty even as the law … Read More

Jadeveon Clowney Not 2014 NFL Draft 1st Pick In 1st Round After 2013 Season

Jadeveon Clowney Not 2014 NFL Draft 1st Pick In 1st Round After 2013 Season Jadeveon Clowney, the South Carolina Gamecocks Student and Defensive End, reached the top of the charts … Read More

President Obama Statement On Government Shutdown

This statement by President Obama on the antcipated Government Shutdown came from The White House at 6:17 PM EST: THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ______________________________________________________________________________________ For Immediate … Read More

Lane Kiffin: USC Head Coach Fired Overnight By Pat Haden

Lane Kiffin lost his job after a horrible USC Trojans loss to Arizona State 62 to 41 Saturday night. Thus ends the Lane Kiffin USC era, and makes those who … Read More

PG&E Pays San Bruno Fire Victims, Not City Of San Bruno

PG&E seems to have it in for the City Of San Bruno three years after the explosion of its natural gas transmission line that killed eight people and leveled San … Read More

San Bernadino County DA, Sherriffs Impicated: Shooting Cover-Up, $30 Million Lawsuit

This is bad news for the San Bernadino County DA and San Bernadino County Sherriffs involved. The press release, or much of it, is below, and cleaned up a bit … Read More

Mike Silver At NFL Network, Leaves Yahoo! Sports For Upgrade

Mike Silver, my friend from Cal days past and present and future, has finally landed at the NFL Network, and in the process gone fully from old to new media. … Read More

President Obama On College Affordability At Buffalo, NY

This transcript came from The White House Press Office 25 minutes ago: REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY State University of New York Buffalo Buffalo, New York 11:23 A.M. … Read More

Tony Earley: PG&E CEO Wrong; San Bruno Fire CPUC Penalty Will Not Bankruptcy Utility

Tony Earley, the PG&E Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, who’s name could be the start of a hip-hop song that goes “Tony Earley. Tony Earley. Tony Earley” is totally wrong … Read More

Hannah Anderson, Jim DiMaggio, Condoms? San Diego County Sheriff Covers-Up Truth

The Hannah Anderson story of being kidnapped by James Lee DiMaggio, or Jim DiMaggio here, is getting stranger, and with the latest revelations, it’s clear the San Diego County Sheriff’s … Read More

President Obama Cancels Putin Meeting After Edward Snowden Asylum

President Obama cancelled his planned visit to Moscow to meet with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, but still plans to attend the G-20 Summit. Why? Blame NSA Leaker Edward Snowden, and … Read More

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman To Have Child; She Is Wife Of Andrew Silverman, His Close Friend

Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman To Have Child She Is Wife Of Andrew Silverman Cowell’s Close Friend. (But does she twerk?) Simon Cowell is the well-known co-creator of and judge … Read More

Andre Iguodala Signed By Golden State Warriors; Dwight Howard Next?

The Golden State Warriors just signed now former Denver Nuggets forward Andre Iguodala in a deal that sent reserve forward Richard Jefferson and reserve center Andris Biedrins to the Utah … Read More

Paula Deen Racist N-Word Issue: On TODAY Show Time To Forgive – Give Food Network Show Back

Paula Deen, who’s show Food Network announced it was dropping effective when it’s contract ran out next month in the wake of revelations that she used the N-word more than … Read More

Paula Deen Racist N Word Use: Food Network Drops Deen

Paula Deen. When the Food Network celebrity chef thought it was no problem in making racist n-word fueled comments about every black person from kids to President Obama, she reportedly … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger On Judge Meeting, Amazon Watch Problem

Steven Donziger Update: 50 Pages Of Steven Donziger Diary Content The latest Chevron Ecuador news would seem to point to implicative statements by Steve Donziger, the man who cooked up … Read More

U.S. Into Syria? Bill Clinton, Step Out Of President Obama’s Way

Bill Clinton is much admired by the American Public, but at times he forgets he’s the former President, and not President. President Obama is the current POTUS, and he alone … Read More

Oakland Mayor Quan: Husband As Driver / Bodyguard Violates City Charter

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has a terrible habit of operating the Office Of The Mayor Of Oakland as if it’s Mayberry RFD: a small town where she drives herself around, … Read More

Susannah Collins, Anna-Megan Raley Face Social Media Lesson

Susannah Collins and Anna-Megan Raley are two women who don’t know each other, but are experiencing similar lessons in social media. Well, the same lesson, but from different perspectives. Bottom … Read More

Carolyn Moos, Jason Collins, And AIDS

It’s one week since Jason Collins penned an excellent article in Sports Illustrated and announced that he’s the first NBA Basketball player and pro sports athlete to come out as … Read More

Geno Smith Fires Agent Select Sports; Zennie62 The Reason

Geno Smith has fired his agent Select Sports, according to a tweet sent out by Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal. This one: Source: QB Geno Smith has left … Read More