Nashville’s ‘Snow Dome’ Becomes Internet Sensation –

Nashville’s ‘Snow Dome’ Becomes Internet SensationNewsChannel5.comNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Suddenly the term “snow dome” is dominating social media sites, blogs and even everyday conversations. It refers to the so-called protective shield … Read More

Gorkana US Interviews Zennie Abraham About

Gorkana Group US, which “offers a more effective way for PR and marketing professionals to access customised media intelligence,” released a post-CES analysis of social media influencers at CES 2014, … Read More

Zennie62Blog One Of CES 2014 Most Popular Blogs: Gorkana US

Zennie62Blog One Of CES 2014 Most Popular Blogs! Gorkana US, a UK-based pr and marketing research firm with offices in New York, used Gorkana Social Media Pro, its social media … Read More

Google Kills Blog Search Option, Matt Cutts Attacks Guest Blogging After Cat Bites Him

Google hates blogs and bloggers and it’s found two new ways to show that it does. Google quietly removed the long-standing “blogs” option in the top menu. In the past, … Read More Bad Socialmedia Sponsor That Will Not Honor Agreements says its the “leader in affinity USB flash drives” but I question that because the company that sought out Zennie62Media to assist in its CES 2014 promotion of its … Read More

‘Bachelor’ gals and Juan Pablo strip down for charity – USA TODAY

USA TODAYJuan Pablo and his harem of women on ‘The Bachelor’ go on a group date where they pose in skimpy outfits with dogs that need adopting. Also, one girl … Read More

Is the ‘Idol’ finale headed to New York? – USA TODAY

USA TODAYIf you can make it there, you can make it anywhere — at least that’s what the song says. And if the rumors that started floating this week on … Read More

Courtney Stodden With Edward Lozzi, Beverly Hills Publicist; They’re Friends

Courtney Stodden, the 19-year-old starlet, was recently seen out with this blogger’s friend and famed Hollywood and Beverly Hills Publicist, Edward Lozzi. If you’re a regular visitor to this space, … Read More

Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC For Not Playing Sarah Palin Ball Game

Martin Bashir resigned from MSNBC because he suggested that someone crap down Sarah Palin’s mouth. While some of you think that Sarah Palin had it coming to her, what bugs … Read More

Damon Bruce Reveals Problem Of White Male Intolerance In Sports Broadcasting

Damon Bruce is a previously pretty-much not-well-known sports broadcaster who toiled with pleasure for KNBR Radio until being reportedly suspended, indefinitely, for saying that a woman’s place is not in … Read More

Oakland News: Schaaf, Kaplan For Mayor Of Oakland? Tagami Wants Oakland Trib

There’s a lot of Oakland News out there, so let’s get to it. First, I have it from several sources that Oakland City Councilmember Libby Schaaf (District Four) is considering … Read More

Cory Booker Tweets With Stripper Lynsie Lee To Escape “Gay” Tag

Cory Booker tweeted with stripper Lynsie Lee for a politically calculated reason. Cory Booker’s got a gay problem that some in his camp think is a kind of weight around … Read More

Zennie62Media Approved For 2014 CES Las Vegas; 5th Straight Year

Zennie62Media will return as blogger press for the 2014 2014 CES Las Vegas. It marks the 5th straight year that Zennie62Media has been approved to cover the giant consumer electronic … Read More

Mike Silver At NFL Network, Leaves Yahoo! Sports For Upgrade

Mike Silver, my friend from Cal days past and present and future, has finally landed at the NFL Network, and in the process gone fully from old to new media. … Read More

Tom Kenny Voice Of SpongeBob SquarePants Gets Mobbed At Comic Con 2013

Comic Con 2013 is full of surprises, like the way I met Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants. I left the NERD HQ Party at Petco Park, and was … Read More

Oakland News: MISSSEY EVENT, Glover Memorial, Mayor Ruby, Love Our Lake, Schaaf

Oakland News, more of it today. EVENT ALERT: On Saturday, June 15th at 5pm, MISSSEY will host its second Annual Inspire Change Gala at Individual tickets are now on sale … Read More

Roger Ebert RIP: Chicago Sun Times Movie Critic Set The Tone For An Age

Roger Ebert. Wben I saw the words “RIP Roger Ebert” on Twitter, I knew I’d grown older at just that moment. Because, you see, I grew up with Mr. Ebert … Read More

Lil Wayne Dying: Social Media’s Role And Reaction To An Error

“Lil Wayne Dying” It’s the current number one search term associated with the rapper and Hip Hop artist Lil Wayne. Friday evening Lil Wayne had a seizure and was reportedly … Read More

Paul Ryan: In Attacking Obamacare Just Blew Presidential Campaign

Paul Ryan’s a man that, as a Democrat, I firmly believed could be a formidable candidate for President of The United States in 2016 after I met him. Now, with … Read More

Rand Paul Filibuster On Drones Rips GOP Apart

The Rand Paul Filibuster has catapulted the Kentucky Senator into American History forever. It’s also served to rip the Republican Party apart. Senator Rand Paul’s 13 hours of filibuster on … Read More

The Oscars Red Carpet Video Tour This is the video version of yesterday’s Oscar Red Carpet visit that was expressed in the previous blog post. Note the number of students playing celebs, and also we, … Read More

Posterous Closing April 30th Is Stupid; Twitter Integration Is Better

Posterous has announced it’s shutting down its platform April 30th, as it’s Founder and CEO Sachin Agarwal said that they’re focusing their efforts 100 percent on Twitter. That’s a massive … Read More

Fitness SF Gym Website Defaced By Webmaster Frank Jonen

Fitness SF, which was once called Gold’s Gym of the San Francisco Bay Area, and of which this vlogger has been a long-time member of it’s Oakland facility, has suffered … Read More

Zennie62 At The Oscars Night Of 100 Stars Party – Sponsor Us Zennie62 has been invited to The Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party for the 4th straight year. And this time, you can join us as a sponsor. That’s right, … Read More

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