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Nashville’s ‘Snow Dome’ Becomes Internet Sensation – NewsChannel5.com

Nashville’s ‘Snow Dome’ Becomes Internet SensationNewsChannel5.comNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Suddenly the term “snow dome” is dominating social media sites, blogs and even everyday conversations. It refers to the so-called protective shield that has hovered over Middle Tennessee this winter and kept the snow out. While … …read more Source: Nashville News From Google

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Gorkana US Interviews Zennie Abraham About Zennie62.com

Gorkana Group US, which “offers a more effective way for PR and marketing professionals to access customised media intelligence,” released a post-CES analysis of social media influencers at CES 2014, or International CES (or the dreaded name they hate, “Consumer Electronics Show”), and found that my blog, Zennie62.com, or Zennie62blog.com, was one of the most […]

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Zennie62Blog One Of CES 2014 Most Popular Blogs: Gorkana US

Zennie62Blog One Of CES 2014 Most Popular Blogs! Gorkana US, a UK-based pr and marketing research firm with offices in New York, used Gorkana Social Media Pro, its social media monitoring and analysis tool, to determine the best content producers and social media conversation starters at CES 2014. Zennie62blog.com was named one of the top […]

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MaiWorld.com: Bad Socialmedia Sponsor That Will Not Honor Agreements

MaiWorld.com says its the “leader in affinity USB flash drives” but I question that because the company that sought out Zennie62Media to assist in its CES 2014 promotion of its products does not honor agreements. MaiWorld.com owes Zennie62Media $350, of a total $850 job, and while that’s not a lot of money to some, it’s […]

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Courtney Stodden With Edward Lozzi, Beverly Hills Publicist; They’re Friends

Courtney Stodden, the 19-year-old starlet, was recently seen out with this blogger’s friend and famed Hollywood and Beverly Hills Publicist, Edward Lozzi. If you’re a regular visitor to this space, you know that Edward Lozzi is also the publicist and, with Norby Waters, one of the producers of The Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party […]

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Damon Bruce Reveals Problem Of White Male Intolerance In Sports Broadcasting

Damon Bruce is a previously pretty-much not-well-known sports broadcaster who toiled with pleasure for KNBR Radio until being reportedly suspended, indefinitely, for saying that a woman’s place is not in the sports broadcasting room.   Then Keith Olbermann made him famous. Here’s what he said in audio, peppered with my rather heated response in this video: […]

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Zennie62Media Approved For 2014 CES Las Vegas; 5th Straight Year

Zennie62Media will return as blogger press for the 2014 2014 CES Las Vegas. It marks the 5th straight year that Zennie62Media has been approved to cover the giant consumer electronic show. While the conference program has not been announced, and will not be until October 1, 2013, the Zennie62Media focus will continue to be Hollywood […]

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Google Chromecast With Netflix Will Disrupt Mainsteam Media, Kill Cable

Google has teamed with Netflix and Amazon to produce “Google Chromecast,” a device that this blogger says will disrupt mainstream media. And I’ll go a step further and says that Google Chromecast will kill mainstream media as we know it in just two years. Why? First, understand what Google Chromecast does. It allows you to […]

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Chicago Sun-Times Fires Photo Staff

The Chicago Sun-Times, facing ever declining revenues in an age of camera-equipped smartphones, camcorders, and bloggers and vloggers, held a meeting with its photography staff to announce they’ve been fired. And, according to AdAge, that means 20 people will lose their jobs, but including freelancers, the number comes to about 30 people. The Chicago Sun-Times […]

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Twitter Drives UK Mother’s Day To World’s Top Google Search

Want proof that Twitter’s become the World’s information source? Read on. So this blogger, me, took his common several time a day look at Google Trends for Monday, March 11th and found that sitting right at number one position was “Mother’s Day.” A click on the link for that Google “hot search” revealed content, blogs, […]

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Posterous Closing April 30th Is Stupid; Twitter Integration Is Better

Posterous has announced it’s shutting down its platform April 30th, as it’s Founder and CEO Sachin Agarwal said that they’re focusing their efforts 100 percent on Twitter. That’s a massive mistake – not focusing on Twitter, but that they have to give up 4 million content producers in the process. In fact, the more I […]

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Google Play Privacy Notice Is In The Device TOS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WY5CTt8k04 There’s a lot of noise about Google Play and what one developer, Dan Nolan, called a “privacy problem” – it’s not that at all. But before this blogger explains why it’s not an issue, at least for Google, let’s look at the developer’s claim. Dan blogs: If you bought the app on Google Play […]

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Google / YouTube Prevents Blog Search From Posting YouTube-Related Posts

As of this writing, Google-YouTube is doing evil. It’s preventing any blog related post that has YouTube in its title from showing up in the blog search section of Google’s search engine. That’s right. If you do a search for “YouTube” and then press the “blog” link to see what blogs are writing, all you’re […]