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Patrice O’Neal Dies Of Stroke; The View Is Right

As Nikky Raney explained here at Zennie62, Comedian Patrice O’Neal passed away at the young age of 41 of complications due to diabetes and stroke. He was just 41 years old. On ABC’s The Viewhosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar,Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd talked about Patrice O’Neal’s passing, and Ms. Shepherd. Made the statement of […]

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Melissa Kellerman NFL

Melissa Kellerman – Twitter Took Cowboys Cheerleader Down By Mistake

Melissa Kellerman, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who was tackled by Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten on Thanksgiving Day, is back on Twitter after her account was taken down two days ago. A public outcry, and perhaps someone with either the Cowboys or Twitter (Twitter has suspended accounts mistakenly) realized the error and re-posted the account. […]

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politico politics Politics

Barney Frank Retires From Congress as “Bailout Barney”

Barney Frank, the famed Massachusetts Congressman who this blogger thought was older than Congress itself, suddenly announced his retirement on Cyber Monday (Man, everything happened on Cyber Monday!) Frank has served the 4th Congressional District since 1981, and has grown to become called by some the smartest person in Congress. Regardless of how you feel […]

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Rebecca Kaplan’s Occupy Oakland Speech Is Worth Hearing, Now

About three weeks ago November 7th 2011, and on the same Monday that, as it turned out, was the beginning of the 18-city coordinated effort to evict Occupy Movement encampments all over the United States, Jason Overman, representative to Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, shared via email to this blogger a video of his boss’ speech […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St. Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Oakland Site Up As Of 2:42 AM PDT

In a blog post broke exclusively at Zennie62.com, the entire website of the Occupy Oakland movement was down, and for reasons not known to this blogger. Several online tests confirmed the status of the OO website at the time, with all pages appearing as white speace, and the Occupy Oakland movement had not taken note […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Oakland Website Down As Of 11:23 PM PDT

For some reason, the website at the URL http://www.occupyoakland.org – the online home of the Occupy Oakland movement – is down. To be more specific, this blogger discovered that not just the home page of the website, but a number of pages revealed after a site search using site:www.occupyoakland.org were showing up as blank white […]

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Fox News Megyn Kelly Gets Pepper Spray From UC Davis Police Lt John Pike

UPDATE: Kelly explains pepper spray comments. Just about over a day after the November 18th UC Davis Police action against UC Davis students in non-violent protest, where UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike grabbed a bottle of pepper spray and started covering kneeling students with it, Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly made a silly statement. […]

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Dancing with the stars Dancing With The Stars 2011 Entertainment

Dancing With The Stars Winner Is JR Martinez

So, amid all of the arguments over the Dancing With The Stars cast, and all of the bad treatment and hard feelings about how Hope Solo was treated, Iraq War Veteran JR Martinez took home the Mirror Ball Trophy. Congratulations to Jose Rene “JR” Martinez and his dancing partner the lovely Karina Smirnoff. It was […]

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michelle obama Michelle Obama's Denver Speech politics

Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR; Racism’s Alive In USA

Let’s slosh this around our heads a couple thousand times: Michelle Obama Booed At Nascar. Er, Michelle Obama Booed At Nascar? Yes, Michelle Obama, the American First Lady, was booed At NASCAR. If you really think about it, the people who did boo pretty much committed an act of treason against the State. And for […]

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Oakland oakland politics

Oakland Mayor Quan, Don’t Fire Anne Campbell Washington Over A Hug!

Now that Oakland Mayor Jean Quan did a good move in bring Anne Campbell Washington back to Oakland, this blogger has one request: don’t fire her for hugging someone who may disagree with you! Because that’s exactly what happened to Anne Campbell Washington in 2008. Washington, who comes from the UC Berkeley Goldman School of […]

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dancing Dancing with the stars Dancing With The Stars 2011 Entertainment

Dancing With The Stars Results: No Hope Solo, No Care

Whatever the Dancing With The Stars results were, this blogger just didn’t care after Hope Solo’s elimination last week. How Ms. Solo was treated by the show’s producers was just plain criminal, but come to think of it, famous serial killers were treated better than Hope Solo was during her time on Dancing With The […]

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Tech Bloggers, Politics Bloggers, Comics Bloggers Wanted At Zennie62.com

Zennie62.com is growing and now on WordPress, moved from Blogger.com. And while we like using Blogger, WordPress signals our objective of building a large blog system, similar to Demand Media or the Yahoo Publishers Network. To that end, we’re looking to build a base of 100 bloggers to start. Join Zennie62.com as a tech blogger […]

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Oklahoma State University’s Kurt Budke, Miranda Serna Killed In Plane Crash

Having just returned from Atlanta on a six hour flight from New York City, and before that a small plane from Dulles to New York, after traveling from Atlanta to Dulles, this kind of news that appeared in this blogger’s email box is really haunting: Oklahoma State University women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant […]

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YouTube youtube blogging

YouTube Feature: AConnectiontv, Invisible People tv, Vahchef, Grishno

About a month ago, this blogger said that YouTube was not featuring people of color in the YouTube Partner Program highlights, now called YouTube Creators. So, that talk with YouTube turned into this new segment called “YouTube Feature.” YouTube Feature is an effort to give a spotlight to partner channels from women and minorities. In […]

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White House Shooting

White House Shooting Suspect Arrested: Oscar Ortega-Hernandez

A man accused of being the White House Shooting Suspect was arrested in White Township, Indiana County Pennsylvania. The man is 21-year-old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, from Idaho Falls, Pennsylvania. Ortega-Hernandez was found by Pennsylvania State Troopers on a tip from an employee at the Hampton Inn , who in turn told authorities, who then called the […]

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dance dancing Dancing with the stars Dancing With The Stars 2011 Hope Solo

Dancing With The Stars: Hope Solo Vs. Carrie Ann Inaba

Hope Solo is finally talking! Getting as tired of the biased and just plain stupid judging on Dancing With The Stars as this blogger has been, Ms. Solo finally let lose with her most honest statement yet. After doing a great Argentine Tango, Carrie Ann Inaba decided to be so nit-picky in her criticism of […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St. Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Oakland Live Stream On UStream.tv

A video blogger named OakFoSho is running an Occupy Oakland Live Stream now, today, Saturday November 12, 2011. He’s covering the activities of the day, even as the encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza just received its second eviction notice from the Oakland Police, and for the second straight day. He says that UStream.tv set them […]

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iraq war iraq war barack obama iraq war barack obamam iraq withdrawl

President Obama Thanks Veterans From USS Carl Vinson

On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama took time to talk about the need to help American Veterans as much as they have helped us around the World. He gave his video address from the aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego. Last night, it played host to a historic first: the first college […]

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Veteran Veterans Administration Veterans Day Veterans for Obama

Veterans Day: A Time To Think About Jobs For Vets

As this Veterans Day blog post is written, this blogger is in Suburban Atlanta Georgia, arguably the Southern seat of worship of all things military. One trip to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (still don’t know who Hartsfield is) will confirm that. People, generally men, commonly walk through dressed in battle greens on the way to […]

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Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley Replaces Joe Paterno At Penn State – Sort Of

This blogger watched the Tom Bradley Penn State Press Conference today with very much interest. After all, Coach Bradley, Penn State Football’s defense coach (he’s not listed as “defensive coordinator”) was selected to replace the fired legendary coach Joe Paterno. Here’s some of the press conference: In the full talk, Bradley spent a lot of […]