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460 Grand Avenue Oakland Divides Adams Point At Lake Merritt

460 Grand Avenue is a planned development at a prime real estate address near Lake Merritt that, when finished, will offer 78 apartment units in a brand new five-story building. About 30 percent of the apartments will be Section 8. “Section 8” is a “Housing Choice Voucher Program,” that provides rental help to private landlords. […]

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Jameis Winston Wins 2013 Heisman Trophy, But Dogged By Rape Claim On Twitter

Jameis Winston, the great Florida State University (FSU) Quarterback, won the 2013 Heisman Trophy, but from social media’s view on Twitter, Winston has been proven guilty even as the law has said he’s innocent. Indeed, while this blogger was not shocked to see him win, my own Mother, who I travel to spend time with […]

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Heisman Trophy 2013: Jameis Winston vs AJ McCarren, Johnny Manziel, Jordon Lynch

The 2013 Heisman Trophy competitors are Jameis Winston of Florida State, Alabama’s AJ McCarren, Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, Jordon Lynch of Northern Illinois, Auburn’s Tre Mason, and Andre Williams of Boston College. While Tre Mason and Andre Williams had incredible years, and Mason gained over 300 yards rushing in the SEC Championship, the Heisman Trophy […]

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Damon Bruce Reveals Problem Of White Male Intolerance In Sports Broadcasting

Damon Bruce is a previously pretty-much not-well-known sports broadcaster who toiled with pleasure for KNBR Radio until being reportedly suspended, indefinitely, for saying that a woman’s place is not in the sports broadcasting room.   Then Keith Olbermann made him famous. Here’s what he said in audio, peppered with my rather heated response in this video: […]

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Jason Collins Out As Gay, Cool; Straight Black Men Under Attack?

Jason Collins came out as gay in a well-presented column released in Sports Illustrated today. This blogger’s initial reaction was “so what?” Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area makes one take what is an earth-shaking revelation to others, with a “Right on,” and “That’s cool,” reaction. But what went through my mind and […]

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Christopher Dorner Looks Like LL Cool J & American Idol Castoff; LAPD Problem

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KavKPY-bfKo In LA, the Los Angeles Police $1 Million reward for Christopher Jordan Dorner has caused about 600 tips – none right to date. Dorner looks like any bald, husky, black man – like Grammys host LL Cool J or Michael Lynch, the American Idol castoff. Now the LAPD has made it dangerous to be […]

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Star Trek, Celeste Yarnell, Nichelle Nichols, Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, Jessica Mann, Dianka Minko: One Cool Night

This is how my weird life works. And I’ve made the decision to blog and vlog more about it, as much as news, events, or anything else. It all starts with Thursday night and Jessica Mann. I met Jessica Mann, who’s the new Zennie62 vlogger, at the Oakland Bar Make Westing late Thursday Night, and […]

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James Bond: Happy 50th Birthday!

Ian Fleming’s James Bond and this blogger have something in common: we’re both 50 years old. Since I grew up as Bond’s brother, for all practical purposes, I have a unique view of why the character is popular: James Bond represents the Western Industrialized idea of what a man should be. Confident, decisive, intelligent, stylish. […]

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Jeremy Lin Fan Club

Will Jeremy Lin (‘Friend’ of Barack Obama, Donald Trump) Be Ruined By Fame?

It was inevitable that Linsanity would morph into the celebrity stratosphere. Two weeks ago, Jeremy Lin was a nobody, practically the last man on the New York Knickerbockers’ roster, reportedly days away from getting released (again!) from his third National Basketball Association (NBA) team in less than two years as a professional, after starring at […]

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Ndamukong Suh Issues Apology, Deals With Media Racism

That Ndamukong Suh managed to take the NFL by storm comes as no surprise to anyone who’s seen him play while he was a student at Nebraska. And to be frank, Ndamukong Suh is one of a new breed of black NFL players – a new generation that defies age-old stereotypes by speaking great English […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Wall St. Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall St Women Are Hot – Deal With It Jezebel

The Occupy Wall Street operation that started over a month ago has turned into a movement, in part thanks to the awful actions of the New York Police Department of two weeks ago, and thanks to a healthy abundance of attractive, or dare this blogger say, “hot” women. So many that this space ran a […]

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Oscar Grant Protests Come As Johannes Mehserle Is Released – Oakland’s Word

The nightmare that has been the Oscar Grant Murder, while it occurred on New Year’s Day Morning two years ago at Fruitvale BART Station, is not over. Former BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle is due to be released from jail on Monday, getting a release for “good behavior” after what seems to have been a […]