Climate change is ‘killing penguin chicks’ say researchers – BBC News

BBC NewsPenguin chicks are dying as a direct consequence of climate change, according to new research. Drenching rainstorms and extreme heat are killing the young birds in significant numbers. The … Read More

Dozens Injured in Rare Argentina Piranha Attack – Discovery News

Discovery NewsThe Palometa jack (Trachinotus goodei), a species of piranha, is being blamed for the Christmas Day attack on swimmers in Argentina. Corbis. Gallery. SeaMonstersRealandImagined. View Caption +#1: Monsters Ho! … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Ecuadorian Judge Nicolas Zambrano Lozada Skips Court

Nicolas Zambrano Lozada, the now-former Ecuador judge who was found to have taken a large, half-million dollar bribe in the Chevron (TexPet) Ecuador case, avoided showing up to court to … Read More

Pope Francis I: Jorge Mario Bergoglio Of Argentina First Latino Pope

Pope Francis I is the name of the 266th leader of The Roman Catholic Church, and while I’m disappointed the Conclave of Cardinals didn’t pick Peter Turkson, which would have … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: International Court Finds Ecuador Violating World Law

Ecuador’s never good at listening, preferring to march against the World, and to the beat of its own, corrupt, legal drum. That habit caught up to the country in the … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: President Correa Joins Steve Donziger In Fraud

Chevron Ecuador has taken a new, dramatic turn, unnoticed by the media, with the lone exception of this blogger – one who’s covered this issue of Ecuador’s fraudulent lawsuit against … Read More

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