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President Obama Plays Luke Skywalker In #StarWarsFiscalCliff Live Now

President Obama is to speak on growing the American Economy and reducing the deficit, and just before now, there was a Twitter Trend called #StarWarsFiscalCliff. #StarWarsFiscalCliff was started about 90 minutes ago, when Republican Speaker Of The House John Boehner asked President Obama to stop the attack on spending, which he felt would lead to […]

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George McGovern Passes At 90: Liberal Lion, Almost President

George McGovern has died. This blogger just got the email alert from CNN, which stated: Former U.S. Sen. George McGovern has died, according to a family statement. He was 90. You just can’t distil a person’s life into once sentence like that, especially not George McGovern’s life. What is best remembered about Mr. McGovern is […]

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Republican Criticism Of First Stimulus, Planned Second, Stupid

The Republican Party, or GOP, is running a new commercial designed to criticize the first, and much needed, Economic Stimulus Package. The problem with the GOP take is that it’s just plain stupid. Anyone who took macroeconomics knows that when business investment is low, and consumer investment is down, the one way to make sure […]

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Unemployment Rate Drops

Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.5 Percent, Obama Talks Jobs

Yesterday, and to the displeasure of GOP Presidential Candidates banking on failure of the American Economy so they can beat President Obama in the November 2012 Election, America’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 percent, the economy added 200,000 jobs, and continued a five-month string of reports that America added over 100,000 jobs per month. President […]

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President Obama’s Approval Rating Higher Than Ronald Reagan’s

The mainstream media has made much of U.S. President Barack Obama’s approval ratings news of late – especially when they’re low. This blogger’s theory is the media itself drives the approval ratings just by reporting on the President’s numbers in a selected way, but that’s not what this blog post is about. Still, here’s an […]

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President Obama’s Jobs Speech A Home Run

President Obama did it again: in giving a speech he needed to give at a time in history, Barack Obama hit yet another home run. It wasn’t just what the American Jobs Act called for, but the way Obama called for it, that resonated with all who listened. (Note, I said listened.) The American Jobs […]

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Warren Buffett vs Michael Arrington – Soak The Super Rich? Arrington’s Wrong

TechCrunch Founder and Editor, and friend, Michael Arrington, has weighed in on Warren Buffett’s op-ed in the New York Times Monday entitled Stop Coddling the Super-Rich. It’s a work worth reading. To put it simply, Warren Buffett explains how the super-rich essentially make money off making money, and it’s that money which they allow to […]