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U.S. Marines Urinating on Dead Taliban

Your Ad Here A video surfaced on the Internet of four United States Marines urinating on the dead bodies of supposed Taliban members. These four Marines have since been identified, and this is definitely not…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Miss Representation

This video needs to be seen by everyone, women especially. Whether feminist or not – all women should be able to appreciate this video: Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo….

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

The Iraq War is Over

CNN, Fox and all the other mainstream media channels have announced and confirmed that the war in Iraq is officially over. The war began in 2003 and now it has finally come to an end,…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Obama Sued For Libya Decision

President Barack Obama is being sued by ten United States lawmakers (including Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Presidential candidate of Texas, Ron Paul) for taking military action against Libya without Congress giving its war authorization…


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