Superman Henry Cavill Suit’s Bulge, Hope Solo Hot Legs, DWTS Dress

The latest Superman Suit / Henry Cavill photos are out, but this blogger would rather look at Hope Solo, looking hot in her Dancing With The Stars dress. We’ll get to DWTS in a second, but the Superman Suit buzz is about hot tight it is, and that bulge that’s part of it. Was that really necessary?

I know the Christopher Nolan-created, Zack Snyder directed “re-boot” (a term I’m starting to hate) of the comic book legend is supposed to be set in the modern era, but.. ah, OK. Is that really how they see our times? If you saw the Christopher Nolan / Zack Snyder / Henry Cavill Superman in a gym, you’d either think or say, “Dude, is that a sock?”

One image far more pleasing to the eye is that of USA Women’s Soccer Star Hope Solo in her Dancing With The Stars dress. Hope looks totally hot, legs are just awesome. I’m jealous that she’s with Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy in the photo, and not me. So much so that I put my photo in place of his own.

Just kidding, sorta.

But with all of Hope’s female athletic hotness, all the talk is about Chaz Bono being a man who used to be a woman. That just shows you how messed up this society can be in some areas. The PR people and gossip bloggers are focused on Chaz Bono and not Hope Solo. I could care less about Mr. Bono.

So, can we focus on Hope Solo, please?

Come to think of it, maybe Henry Cavill got a look at Hope Solo in that DWTS dress, huh?

Stay tuned.

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