Star Trek: Into Darkness: Two New Trailers, One 10 Minutes Long

Star Trek: Into Darkness is leading the summer blockbuster movie preview race from a content standpoint, as the second trailer for the movie has been released in as many weeks … Read More

Star Trek: Into Darkness Poster Dominates Twitter

Star Trek: Into Darkness is creeping up on us Trekkers in a J.J. Abrams sort of way. The poster for the next installment in the series of J.J. Abrams movies, … Read More

Star Trek 2 Will Not Have Benicio Del Toro As Khan

The anticipated sequel to J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie reboot will not have the legendary Benicio Del Toro playing ‘Khan’ in a remake of the popular Star Trek The … Read More

Star Trek’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday, 45 years ago, I stayed up late to watch a television show that would come to have a dramatic impact on my life: Star Trek. Star Trek has … Read More

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