SF Super Bowl L Bid Ignores Oakland, 05 Bid Boss Zennie Abraham

The San Francisco Super Bowl L Bid was successful. It, really, if you think about it, surprisingly, beat back a formidable Miami and South Florida Super Bowl Bid, where Miami has hosted the game a record ten times.

After the press conference, where San Francisco 49ers Owner John York, his son Jed York, and bid head Daniel Lurie talked about how the win was good for the San Francisco Bay Area. Here..

And we all went outside for more interviews, Lurie said that they “got help from a number of host committees, even South Florida” after they lost to them Tuesday. But what Lurie, and Jed York, and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and the San Francisco media did was ignore Zennie Abraham, er me. That they did, could be seen as part of the edict that you don’t talk to the last person who worked on a project, but when you start to really think about it, it just plain looks like a combination of the same kind of institutional racism this blogger faced the first time out.

Now, that’s a hard direction to take, but consider that when there’s no logical reason, one had to reach for the logical one. But beyond that, it’s not that my input was needed, but it does show respect for the last person to at least call them and ask for advice – I certainly didn’t want to work for them. For me, it was a matter of respect, and I can say that what I got was a great deal of disrespect, instead.

The NFL Super Bowl Bid process has not changed since 1996. The basics are that you should have a team of people that are connected with and sanctioned by the NFL, and of course, from a city that has an NFL team. Once that’s done, and you’ve declared your intent the NFL will meet with you, and that’s where you will come face-to-face with NFL Senior Vice President for Special Events, Frank Supovitz. Frank literally wrote the book on sports event planning. In fact, it’s called “The Sports Event Management and Marketing Playbook,” and Frank was inducted into the Event Solutions Event Industry Hall of Fame in 2000.

Frank represents all that is right with the NFL.

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