Ravens Will Increase Ticket Prices This Year

Baltimore Ravens Increase Ticket Prices in 2013
Baltimore Ravens Increase Ticket Prices in 2013

We had a feeling this was coming, but it’s not a big deal. Tuesday the World Champion (it feels good to say it!) Baltimore Ravens announced they will increase prices at M&T Bank Stadium this year. The Baltimore Sun reported that ticket prices will rise by about 10%.

It was their first increase in four seasons; sixth since the stadium opened in 1998.

The increase coincides with an announcement to come later this week about a two-plan for renovations and additions to the stadium. The price increase was planned before the Super Bowl win.

Kevin Byrne, Ravens senior vice president for public and community relations, told the Sun:

“…This is not related to the Super Bowl. It has been planned. It was planned last year when we didn’t increase when we thought we would.”

Byrnes continued…

“Our ticket price increase is always related to player cost,” Byrne said. “Then, there’s always spending what is necessary to field a championship-caliber team. With the price increase, we expect to be in the top third in the league…”

Ravens ticket prices are in the top third of the National Football League; they are one of the most popular teams with the fan base to prove it. They have sold out every game at M&T Bank Stadium and have a long list of people who are waiting to purchase personal seat licenses.

The first part of the stadium improvements will be unveiled for the 2013 season; the rest will be finished in 2014.

They will host the first game of the 2013 season on Thursday, September 5, opponent to be announced in mid-to-late April.

This was not surprising, it was expected. I don’t have any issues with paying more to see a Super Bowl winning team play in one of the nicest stadiums in the League and with the upcoming renovations, it will be even nicer. The Ravens are a first class organization with a high quality product, it will be worth every penny to see them play this season.

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