Raiders – Patriots Game, Blaine Gabbert Tweets Again

A quick post before departing for the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots game that promises to be an epic battle at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

First, this game will show just how far the Oakland Raiders have come under new coach Hue Jackson. The Raiders have been called “The Bullies” of the block by some sports watchers, but that could all go away if the Pats come in and hammer the Raiders.

Won’t happen.

The stage is perfectly set: Pats in Oakland, crowd sellout, bad Tuck Rule memories by Raiders legends and fans, and a lot of karma directed against New England’s QB Tom Brady. Raiders 24, Pats 21 in a game where a lot of Raiders have a lot to prove, as does the organization itself.

And on the matter of those with something to prove, we have Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert back to his tweets on September 28th – a full seven days after he stopped the week before his then-anticipated battle with fellow NFL Draft QB Cam Newton. A game he and the Jags lost 16 to 10.

That Blaine’s back at it shows just how much his first start was eating away at him, and perhaps how the Jacksonville Jaguars PR staff and coaches were at him to stop tweeting for a while.

Well, as of this writing he’s back.

Follow my Tout stream for the Raiders game, or as much as will be seen before the WiFi gets over loaded:

Stay tuned.

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