Quantum Skynet Solutions Filing False Video Claims On YouTube

Quantum Skynet Solutions, who’s website says is a “web hosting, programming, and small business consulting” is trying to capture Google AdSense revenues it does not have any business receiving.

YouTube’s system of Content ID identification has a nasty loophole where almost anyone can file a claim against a video maker and try to gain control of that video. Why? To draw revenue from any Google AdSense ads that are placed next to that video, or in it.

Quantum Skynet Solutions has picked the video ” Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise” which features a fake use of telekinetic powers by a woman in a New York City cafe and to promote the movie Carrie, as the one where it is trying to claim ownership.

Quantum Skynet Solutions points to a place that’s 18 seconds in to the video, but shows nothing at all, and contains no sound on my video version of the Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise.


I have challenged the Quantum Skynet Solutions claim, and am informing the vlogger community of what Quantum Skynet Solutions is trying to do. Moreover, this is the second time this week I have had to do this. The first time was a claim by Red Televisiva Megavisión – that was withdrawn.

But think about it. Red Televisiva Megavisión and now Quantum Skynet Solutions can’t both own the same, damn video. Yet, both have filed copyright claims against it, and not just with my “no sound” version of the video, but others too.

This is not right.

YouTube needs to adjust the system to toss out fraudulent claims like this one by Quantum Skynet Solutions and Red Televisiva Megavisión before them. Many young YouTubers are intimidated by this and cave in. It’s wrong to allow this kind of bullying tactic to go without challenge.

YouTube must stop this.

Stay tuned.

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