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Ron Paul Wins Republican Debate

Fox News hosted last night’s Republican Debate in Ames, Iowa. It is pretty clear that Ron Paul was the winner of the debate, based on votes and just a general observation of the way the…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

FIFA: Fight In The Middle East.

September 2 has 22 games: it’s a day closer, there’s so much to watch for I just can’t wait. In my last post I talked about the five games to look for. Game two on…

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Rebecca Black Drops Out of School

Bullying is a huge problem in schools, and after being bullied over the Internet for her Friday song and video, it is no surprise that school bullying has caused Rebecca Black to drop out of…

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FIFA: A Must-Win For Korea

September 2 has 22 games: teams like Canada, Japan, Panama and Haiti will be playing. So what I’m saying is it a BIG day for soccer. So there will be plenty of games to watch….

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Diana Nyad Ends Epic Swim

Yesterday I blogged about Diana Nyad beginning her epic 103 mile swim from Cuba to the Key West, but on CNN this morning it has been reported that due to very bad winds the 61-year-old…

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Kevin Boss – Press Conference Oakland Raiders 2011

Former New York Giants Tight End Kevin Boss joined the Oakland Raiders this weekend, replacing Zack Miller, who took advantage of the free agency market to bolt for the Seattle Seahawks. In this video posted…

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FIFA: My Teams

Been looking forward to so many great games but there are teams that I really can’t wait to teams. Japan, New Zealand , Italy, Greece, Egypt and the USA. Japan is in group C with…

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Jersey Shore: Season 4 Italy Premiere

Last night was Jersday. The cast is staying in Florence, Italy; and I am watching this show alongside someone who has been there. The Jersey Shore house hit Italy – and they hit Italy hard….

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

FIFA: The Road From Africa

Although the lights are out in South Africa and all they have now are memories; they put on a great show one that will be talked about years to come. I personally liked South Africa…


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