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Jim Harbaugh v Jim Schwartz – Who’s Right? A Poll

Jim Harbaugh v Jim Schwartz. It’s the talk of sports, overshadowing the NFL’s Week Six Sunday, and the St. Louis Cardinals’ second trip to The World Series in six years. Harbaugh v Schwartz is being…

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Rick Ross Out Of The Hospital After Two Seizures

Rapper Rick Ross, who was in the hospital after suffering not one but two seisures on Friday, and while enroute to a concert in Memphis, is out now. This is what happened on Friday: Now,…

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New York ComicCon Starts

Months after San Diego’s Comic Convention today starts the New York Comic Con. The event started today (October 13) and will continue through October 16. So, for those who missed out on the San Diego…

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Arab American Festival Case Study

Dearborn, Michigan has held the Arab American Festival for the past 16-years. The festival is hosted by the Arab American Council, and the media coverage that it receives is mostly focused on the Christian protestors…

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Phoenix Jones, Join The Avengers, Get Bikini Coffee Sex

Seattle’s Phoenix Jones, the 23-year-old non-mutant crime costumed crime-fighter, should join The Avengers, and get Bikini Coffee Sex with one of those famous baristas. Seriously. Consider that Phoenix Jones, one of a set of masked,…

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The Avengers Movie Trailer Is Out!

The Avengers Movie Trailer is finally out – and was released just one hour ago! In it, we learn that Tony Stark is a huge fan of the way Bruce Banner “loses control and turns…

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The Avengers: Marvel Entertaiment Movie Update

As The Avengers, the live-action Marvel Entertaiment / Disney version of the classic Marvel Comics series of iconic superheros who can’t get along, but need each other, races toward its May 4th, 2012 release date,…

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Al Davis And The NFL Passing Game

Oakland Raiders Owner, formally called Manager Of The General Partner, passed away today at the age of 82. Davis, or Mr. Davis, will be remembered for his contributions to the hiring of minorities, and especially…

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Jersey Shore Drama Unfolds

Last night on Jersey Shore was epic, insane, crazy and just what you would expect from Jersey Shore, really. The only difference is that there were two separate trips taken; Vinny and the boys went…


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