Obama And Big Bird Clear Presidential Debate Winners

Big Bird
President Barack Obama and Big Bird emerged as the clear winner in Wednesday night’s first Presidential Debate. Faced with a challenger in Governor Mitt Romney who’s willing to bend, lie, and pervert the truth, President Obama cooly thwarted his attacks with the same “Rope-A-Dope” strategy that worked for him in the first debate against John McCain in 2008.

In that case, the media read was pretty much the same: Obama was too nice. But what Barack was doing was feeling out his opponent’s style, knowing full well there are two more debates. That’s something Gov. Romney clearly forgot.

Mitt Romney’s biggest error was in lying about the fact that the same Foreign Tax Credit he benefits from to the tune of almost $1 million, provides a great incentive for companies to offshore their offices and plants in search of lower taxes. It boggles the mind that Romney supporters would support a practice that effectively harms America’s ability to build its manufacturing base, but some of the YouTube comments on the video above are doing just that.

It also boggles the mind that Mitt Romney would run away from the tax cuts that would cost $5 trillion that he’s been supporting all along. No, he didn’t use the term $ 5 billion himself, but the 20 percent cuts he want would add that to America’s deficit. So, when he says he wants those cuts, he has to live with the $5 trillion estimate – clearly he’s running away from both.

Mitt Romney’s overall problem is that he’s made so many mis-statements in one night, that they’re piling up in a slew of new content that, if it continues, will neuter whatever success he thinks he had, and set himself up for a huge fall during the next debate, assuming that President Obama continues the new path of calling out Romney post-debate.

Big Bird’s Afraid Of Mitt Romney

The other large mistake Mitt Romney made was in criticizing the Public Television System (PBS) and saying that he liked a character that would be put on the chopping block: Big Bird. Mitt once again said something that will come back to haunt him.

“I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I like PBS. I love Big Bird. I like you too.”

With this, Romney not only upset Big Bird, but the legions of kids who love him, parents who adore him, and fans who took to the PBS Facebook page to drown out the Romney supporters and call for people to vote for Obama, save PBS, Big Bird, and Downton Abbey.

Susan Sparks Tobin – Mitt Romey probably had nannies to help teach his children manners and abc cutting PBS is taking away lots of teaching for children and adults that may not have any until public school I’m behind Big Bird
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Stay tuned.

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