Oakland News: MayDay, Joel Young Gets Tribune Endorsement, Coliseum SMG V. AEG II

Oakland MayDay went off without a hitch, at first – but then…

Frankly, I had so much backlog from my New York NFL Draft trip, and interviews conducted before that, that the idea of adding to it with more videos gave me a belly ache.

I’m just one person. Plus, the only reason I’d go down to the MayDay march of May 1st was to get material for a potentially viral video, like this one:

That’s what the Occupy Movement has degenerated into: a constant meme of the activist being beaten by the police, masked people vandalizing banks, and tear gas shot at protestors. The problem is, we’re all so used to the image, it’s doing no good at all. At one point, it was the catalyst for a recall effort against Mayor Quan; now, with the deadline of May 14th approaching, it looks as if even that effort, er two efforts, will not get the required number of 25,000 signatures (5,000 because you need that ‘insurance’ number).

What happened was simple: the protestors protested so much, and the anarchists pissed off so many people, that Oaklanders who were ready to back the Occupy Oakland movement were also poised to jettison Mayor Quan. So when the Occupy Oakland movement waned, so did the hunger to get rid of Mayor Quan.

Who looks bad in the process? Well, you’d have to say Oakland Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente and Oakland political player Joe Tuman, and because both went on record as saying they wanted to run for Mayor and replace Jean; now they’ve got to deal with her.

Funny how that works.

Joel Young Gets Oakland Tribune Endorsement For California Assembly District 18

About as funny as the Oakland Tribune endorsing Joel Young, according to this campaign email I got from Young’s people:

The Bay Area News Group Endorses My Campaign

The editorial boards of the Bay Area News Group, including the Oakland Tribune and the Alameda Times-Star, have endorsed my candidacy. Can you forward this message to a friend? The endorsement is below:

“[Joel] Young, an attorney, demonstrated the greatest understanding of the complexities of the state budget and the challenges of key policy issues, including, most notably, public employee pension funding. He was the only candidate expressing strong concern for finding ways to help boys of color. As he said, the 18th Assembly District is plagued by violent street crime dominated by African American and Latino youths. Early grade school intervention, for which the state might help, is key to stemming the problem and reducing future jail populations, he said. We agree.”

Unfortunately, not enough people get home delivery of the paper anymore. That’s why it’s essential that we get the word out through email, facebook, and twitter. I’m also raising money to send the endorsement on a small postcard to voters in the district. Can you make a contribution today so we can send out our mailer? Ballots will be mailed out on May 7th. We need to raise $15,000 dollars in the next week to mail out the card. Support your local post office and my campaign by making a contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today!

United Auto Workers Endorse My Candidacy

I am pleased to announce the endorsement of the United Auto Workers, who join my growing and diverse list of labor, business, and community supporters. Thank you UAW for your support!


Joel Young

Young’s right: if the Oakland Tribune were the same news organization it was under the Bob Maynard days, this backing news of Young would have called the election in his favor. Now, it just plain helps him, but not much more.

The reason I made the decision to support Abel Guillen for California Assembly District 18, and not Joel Young does stem from the not one, but two incidents of violence Young has been responsible for within the last year.

It would be different if the violence matters happened years ago, say 2006, but they’re still fresh, as are the emotions of the people involved in them. Case in point: Jessica Juarez, who’s still emotionally damaged from her domestic violence issue with Young.

And then there’s Jason Overman.

The question the Oakland Tribune did not answer was “Can Young hold his temper in the California Assembly?” If he get there, will he punch the Speaker?.

One thing’s for certain: the race is heating up.

Coliseum SMG V. AEG II

As they should have SMG is threatening a legal challenge to the really nasty and smarmy way that AEG was selected to (potentially) replace them as managers of the Oakland Coliseum. I can add to the news, that the National Football League is very aware of the process and is not really jazzed with how the Coliseum JPA; not that it was before the vote.

I know that implies more to the story, and there is, since it came from me. But all I can tell you for now is the Oakland Coliseum Joint Powers Authority really must get its act together, because the league does not hold how it does business in high regard.

Stop Dumping Couches In Oakland!

This scene is repeated in Adams Point all too often:

Can we care about Oakland more and not do this?

Stay tuned.

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