Oakland Hopping On Friday In Uptown

Since I found myself in Oakland for a weekend rather than Georgia, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, and on the first Friday of the month of March, I took a late night (10 PM) visit down to Uptown Oakland.

It was packed with people.

What was most fun to learn was the number of people I talked to who came up from places like Santa Cruz just for the Art Mumor. (Although the flirty older woman who offered a lot of information in an equally flirty way had actually with some guy I figured she came with, but wanted to hit on a man outside of his view – me not go for it. A hilarious conversation I had at Cafe Van Kleef.)

It’s clear Oakland’s turned the corner and is an entertainment destination on a par with San Francisco. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s time to take the covers off Oakland’s new image and present it for all to see. Oakland’s no longer wishing for people to come to it, rather than San Francisco, they just do.

I’m also happy to report there were no visible incidents, a lot of happy people, and some fine looking women, all in Oakland’s Uptown District.

And on that note, I wish Cafe Van Kleef would go back to its all female bartender style.

Stay tuned.

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