No Coal In Oakland Avoids Truth In Telling Zennie Abraham’s Oakland News Post On Tioga Report – Vlog – vlog by Zennie62 YouTube.

Once again, “No Coal In Oakland” – the organization created to stop the development of the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal or OBOT, simply because the only commodity they were concerned with that would pass through it was coal (not even bothering to consider that iron ore’s 7 times “dirtier” and yet was another commodity that would pass through on the way to ports of call) – proved it likes to cover up the truth and replace it with its own alternative set of facts. This time, No Coal In Oakland made the mistake of referring to my post on the Tioga Report in Oakland News Now Blog. They got it wrong.

Called “Insight Terminal Solutions Bombshell: TIOGA Report Shows City Of Oakland Planned OBOT For Coal”, the page reports that in 2015, the Oakland City Attorney claimed in writing that the City wasn’t aware that coal was the commodity to be handled by the OBOT. That’s in black and white in my post (as is the fact that Zennie62Media, Inc was working as a consultant to OBOT, which was headed by Phil Tagami. But everytime “No Coal In Oakland” hears or sees Phil’s name, it looses its marbles and all capacity to understand plain english. How else to explain the complete misread of what I wrote and even video-blogged? Read:

Instead, “No Coal In Oakland” wrote “Meanwhile, lest we forget to mention it, the reason Zennie Abraham published the Tioga Report was because, he claimed, it showed that City of Oakland knew that the terminal was going to be used to ship coal in 2012, long before it signed agreements with Tagami that have formed the basis of Tagami’s legal challenges to the City’s ban on coal storage and handling. There is nothing whatever in the document to support Mr. Abraham’s contention.”

Meanwhile, the page where I refer to the Tioga Report has a key paragraph three that reads “That not only did the City of Oakland know the Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal was to handle commodities including coal, the City of Oakland was directly involved in the pre-development planning for OBOT as far back as 2011.” That flies in the face of the Oakland City Attorney’s claim!

One thing is quite clear, when it comes to the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal and Phil Tagami and Zennie Abraham, “No Coal In Oakland” loses its mind and proves it just can’t hande the truth, so it makes things up.

Hey “No Coal In Oakland” I’m still here, never left, and won’t stop pointing out your fantasies. OBOT is a bulk terminal, not a coal terminal, designed to cleanly and safely allow just-in-time transport of all types of commodities including coal and iron ore. Why? Well, to make a long story short, it’s called technology. Something “No Coal In Oakland” should learn a little something about.

Oh, something else? Ever wonder what non-profit legal designation “No Coal In Oakland” has? So have I? I can’t find any proof it’s a real non-profit. Hey, Zennie62Media’s Inc’s a real startup Delaware C-Corporation. But what’s “No Coal In Oakland”? Where does that money go they ask for?

You can’t even learn who or what No Coal In Oakland really is. This is the “Who Is” url look up result for








State / Province


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No Coal In Oakland’s clearly a front for someone who’s up to no good. Otherwise they’d show their name and face.

Stay tuned.


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