NFL Draft: 2013 NFL Draft Order

Print The NFL Draft is April 25th through April 28th, and to get you officially ready for all that is to come, in addition to what we’ve already presented, here’s the official NFL Draft order.

Zennie62 is its 9th year of NFL Draft coverage.

Remember, we at Zennie62 / Football Reporters Online will be monitoring changes to this, and updating it accordingly.

Here’s the order:

1. Chiefs
2. Jaguars
3. Raiders
4. Eagles
5. Lions
6. Browns
7. Cardinals
8. Bills
9. Jets
10. Titans
11. Chargers
12. Dolphins
13. Buccaneers
14. Panthers
15. Saints
16. Rams
17. Steelers
18. Cowboys
19. Giants
20. Bears
21. Bengals
22. Rams (from the Redskins)
23. Vikings
24. Colts
25. Seahawks
26. Packers
27. Texans
28. Broncos
29. Patriots
30. Falcons
31. 49ers
32. Ravens

As an obvious note, the St. Louis Rams have two picks in the 1st round. That’s the only trade-resultant change in the 2013 NFL Draft Order thus far.

Stay tuned.

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