MLB Prediction: Reds And Oakland A’s In World Series

This is a really nutty, off the wall, from this blogger’s head prediction: the World Series will feature the Cincinnati Reds and the Oakland A’s.

Why? Well, as this is written, the Oakland A’s are one loss from elimination in the ALDS, and that game is on Tuesday of this week. But this is the same team that had 14 walk-off home run wins this year. The same organization that was down to the Texas Rangers 5-1 for the last game to determine the AL West Champion, and came from behind to win. So, it’s really hard to give up on this organization, this year – forget that Oakland’s the home of this blogger.

Why the Reds? Because of the way they have just shut down the San Francisco Giants Offense in the NLDS, coupled with the less dominant play of the teams in the National League not named the Reds.

Look, anything can happen – but my gut tells me it’s the Reds and the Oakland A’s.

Stay tuned.

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