Many Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned

Kim and Reggie
Ok, this is 2011 in the 21st Century, right? In America. Where we have an African American President in Barack Obama. Right? Ok, so with all of that, why is it that half of Mississippi Republicans polled want Interracial Marriage banned? Yes you read that correctly. Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian should avoid that state at all costs.

It’s fair to say Mississippi Republicans are racist people, but why?

That news came out of not one, but two polls conducted this year, where 400 “usual Mississippi Republican primary voters” – another way of saying ‘likely voters’ – were studied to determine who they were going to vote for. But for some weird reason a question about Interracial Marriage was stuck in their, and the mental illness that is racism was revealed for the World to see.

Think Progress reports that the first poll in April had a majority of Mississpi Republicans wanting a ban on race intermarriage 46 percent to 40 percent. Apparently the state Republicans were shocked at the result, and did another poll this month, but that found just 52 percent of Mississpi Republicans favoring Interracial Marriage.

What’s the deal with Mississippi Republicans? A terrible mix of low education rates and high poverty rates. And the sad part is that the people who think that mixed marriages should be banned are almost entirely white.

Statewide, 60 percent of those polled favor Interracial Marriage, but a read of the tables shows that 77 percent of blacks have no issue, whereas just 54 percent of whites have no concern with who marries who.

That is crazy.

And all of this in 2011. It adds up to a very good reason to avoid visiting Mississippi.

Stay tuned.

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