Mike Silver: Saints Gregg Williams Audio Leak Impacts NFL Review Of Suspension

Michael Silver Of Yahoo Sports
Michael Silver
Mike Silver’s relationship with film documentary producer Sean Pamphilon led to what may be this year’s biggest leak. This blogger met Mr. Pamphilon when he came to make a documentary of the 2011 “Little Game” – the annual contest of friends mostly from Cal (Berkeley). Pamphilon had two concerns, the game, but also talking with Mike about the NFL’s problem with head and traumatic injuries.

So it came as no surprise to me that Pamphilon was reportedly “doing a documentary on former Saints S Steve Gleason in his battle back from ALS” according to Mike. As I said in a text to my long-time friend, “relationships are the best currency.” They’re also the best guide to getting to the truth.

The truth is that, according to Silver and Pamphilon’ account at Yahoo! Sports, New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams was recorded making “specific references to inflicting physical punishment upon several San Francisco 49ers” in a speech at the San Francisco Airport hotel the New Orleans Saints used while visiting to play the Niners in the 2012 NFC Divisional Playoff Game for the 2011 Season.

Some excerpts:

In the speech at the team’s hotel near the San Francisco Airport, Williams – according to documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon – at one point made a hand signal suggesting he would personally pay for a ferocious shot on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Williams also referenced the prospect of his players inflicting a severe knee injury upon San Francisco wideout Michael Crabtree and exhorted them to “put a lick on” backup receiver Kyle Williams in an effort to “find out” if he was still suffering from the effects of a late-December concussion.

The real shocking revelation is that the timing of the leak just happens to be hours before the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell review Saints Head Coach Sean Payton’s appeal of the year-long suspension handed down by Commissioner Goodell. That was to happen today.

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