Mary Wilson With Mark Bego At The Kentucky Derby


Mary Wilson, founder of The Supremes, and who I met with her friend Mark Bego at The Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, this year, was found at The Kentucky Derby, and again with Mr. Bego.

While Mary Wilson’s website calls Mark Bego a friend, for a couple who are just friends, they certainly go to some romantic events together.

This is my brief interview with Mary Wilson and Mark Bego at The Night Of 100 Stars Party:

And why does it seem that Mary’s seeking the spotlight now, and after so many years? She told the blog Robin Leach’ VegasDeluxe “Sometimes I want to run around and say, ‘Hey! Listen! That’s me!.’ There was a time when nothing went through my mind. Now that I’m older, it has a different feeling for me. I kind of really understand how much a part of history we are, all the things you’ve dreamed about when you’re young, I’ve actually done it.”

Mary’s Haters

One thing Mary Wilson’s done is stir-up a hornets next of haters, as my YouTube video’s comment sections shows. It’s Mary’s fans versus Mary’s haters over there, and the battle ebbs and flows.

But why so much animosity toward Mary Wilson? It may have something to do with old, long-standing feuds between all of the Supreme and between Wilson and Motown, the record producer that featured Diana Ross and The Supremes. Mary reportedly left The Supremes in 1976, forming her own group called Mary Wilson and the Supremes, with Karen Jackson and Karen Ragland. An obvious slap in the face of Diana Ross. In 1986, Wilson wrote a memoir that it’s reported Diana Ross “might rather forget.”

In the book called Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme, Wilson suggests that Ross got her job as lead singer for The Supremes because she slept with Motown boss Barry Gordy.

Stay tuned.

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