Kobe Bryant Injury Has Twitterverse Saying #PrayForKobe

Kobe Bryant Injury
Kobe Bryant Injury
Kobe Bryant’s second major injury this year, a probable torn achillies against the Golden State Warriors at home at Staples Center, has so upset his fans and basketball observers, that they took to Twitter to publish well-wishes under the hashtag #PrayForKobe.

It’s an outpouring of support not seen since this injury caused by Atlanta Hawks’ Dahntay Jones earlier this year, where the Warrior’s Coach Mark Jackson came to Bryant’s defense:

This is what happened to cause what’s called a season-ending injury:

Here are some of the Twitter tweets:

Prior to the injury, and for the week, Kobe Bryant had turned in a performance that one journalist called “otherworldly” in scoring 47 Wednesday night, and playing over 40 minutes for the last eight games.

While The Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors, 118 to 116, they did so while playing a price. And on ESPN Bryant said “I can’t walk. I tried to put pressure on my heel, but there’s nothing there.”

Stay tuned.

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