Kiante Campbell Memorial Tonight 1601 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, 5-8 PM; Background

kiantecampbellKiante Campbell, or Kiante Tay Campbell, will be the focus of a memorial this evening at First Place For Youth, located at 1601 Telegraph Avenue right at the corner of Telegraph and 16th Streets in Downtown Oakland (next to the Rotunda and just a hop from Cafe Van Kleef).

This blogger found Kiante Campbell’s Facebook page, and it offers some interesting insight into the young man.

First, his birthdate: June 12, 1994

Second, he was popular, with 552 Facebook friends, and many from the same schools he attended. Kiante Campbell lists Oakland Technical High School and the Ralph J. Bunche located in Kenner, Louisiana and from the dates listed – Dec 2012 to Jun 2013 – it’s clear that he transferred there and this was to be his final year.

Third, his Facebook likes were all rappers and that’s it: Lil’ Boosie, Webbie, Meek Mill, YG, and Kriko bangz

And his recently added moto would seem controversial, but it’s really all too, unfortunately, normal:

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