Jon Huntsman Spells His Name Wrong

Jon Huntsman has announced that he is launching his campaign today – but he spelled his own name wrong. Huntsman’s staffers where handed press passes which added an unnecessary “h” to his name – how embarrassing. This is reported by ABC news.

Well, the point of this post isn’t to poke fun at the mistake – the title is misleading, apologies. Sorry for the Fox News Sensationalistic title, but it was catchy.

So yes, Huntsman is another Republican that chose to campaign for presidency. This is so ridiculous – there are so many people running and there are more candidates coming out of the woodwork. The votes are going to be very close; assuming every candidate gets at least one vote when voting for who will be the chosen one.

The Boston Herald reports that Huntsman is copying the others and hitting New Hampshire (which is where I am from).

Huntsman was once the Governor of Utah and he also was the former Ambassador to China – so he definitely has a bit more experience than Herman Cain (just throwing that out there). The news source also interviewed a former state representative,Fran Wendelboe, who basically said that Huntsman is a copy of Mitt Romney:

He’s Romney lite,” said Fran Wendelboe, Republican consultant and former state representative who’s not working for any of the presidential candidates. “They’re both polished, they’re very presidential looking, they come from large, well-respected Mormon families, and both of them come from money. He’s got to distinguish himself.”

Well, they are both Mormon. Newsweek had a cover story a week ago with Romney that talked about if the country could ever have a Mormon president. Hmm, which Mormon candidate will Glenn Beck be supporting?

But what else do the two have in common other than religion and money? Is anyone reporting on the issues and beliefs of Huntsman? If it were possible I’d love to interview him firsthand, but alas being a freelancer doesn’t get me an automatic press pass (one day though).

Another interview was done with a Tea Party Chairman:

But many voters still don’t know who the 51-year-old Huntsman is, said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Tea Party-backed Republican Liberty Caucus.

“It’s hard to be the alternative to Romney when you’re almost a carbon copy,” said Hemingway.

Well, looks like we’ll have to watch and see how Huntsman distinguishes himself and shows that he is his own person.

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